Sunday, November 20, 2005

Music of the Spheres

Strange Geometriesby Helen Joyce

Both spherical and hyperbolic geometries are examples of curved geometries, unlike Euclidean geometry, which is flat. In spherical geometry, the curvature is positive, in hyperbolic geometry, it is negative.

I thought I should add the "ascoustic variation" of the struggle for music in the world of "good and evil" as well.

That such "chaos created" in the minds of our youth, would have been frowned upon in Plato's academy.

By such reasonings and understandings of how such sound valuation may have been taken to spherical proportions? Should be no less then the consolidation points, as poincares distribution of eschers angel and demons pictures describe?

What avenues had been less then discribed on those chaldni plates that they had been reduced to dimensional avenues discriptive of the chaldni plates, as a fifth dimensional understanding? Langrangian discription of points L1 or L2, and a visionary context of Sylvestor surfaces as proponents of B field manifestations as part of genus figures with holes?


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