Saturday, November 19, 2005

Heaven's ephemeral Qualities?


Basically, the view that everything is made of matter. But what is matter? Probably the most innocent and cheerful acceptance of it comes right at the start of materialism with Democratius of Abdera (in Northern Greece) in the fifth century B.C., for whom the world consisted entirely of 'atoms', tiny, absolutely hard, impenetrable, incompressible, indivisible and unalterable bits of 'stuff', which had shape and size, but no other properties, and scurried about in the void, forming the world as we know it by jostling each other and either rebounding (despite being incompressible) or getting entangled with each other because of their shapes. They and the void alone are real, the colours, flavours and temperatures that surround us being merely subjective. This model has lasted, with various modifications and sophistications right down to modern times, though the notion of solidity was causing qualms at least as early as Locke. But, in the last century, all has been thrown into confusion by Einstein's famous, E=mc2 and also by general relativity. Mass, the sophisticated notion that has replaced crude matter, is interchangeable in certain circumstances with energy, and in any case is only a sort of distortion of the space in which it was supposed to be floating. Photons and neutrons have little or no mass, while particles pop out of the void, destroy each other and pop back in again.

'The Oxford Companion To Philosophy', edited by Ted Honderich. Oxford University Press, 1995

Heaven in one sense, as a ephemeral quality(violet or blue), but in the gratification of savoring smell and tastes, these are not true bearers of the "quality of thought" are they? These sense are more.....earthly then?

I struggle. :)

If such senses are to perish, then what shall be everlasting? If intuition, is to only serve it's purpose until the math is adorned, then what shall this math be, in the state of the abstract mind(yellow)?

An equation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought of God.
Srinivasa Ramanujan

Ramanujan's thought about equation is emotively charged (red), that this too issues from such a mental abstract, as to be from heaven and descending?

Wait! It's about heaven on earth? Really? :) Heaven is only a state of mind? (r/light)?

Am I Okay on analogies then, to confuse the mind about these states of heaven, that I could have mixed heaven up, as to the varities of "time and segments," as our own colorful experiences?

What song sung then, that each musical octave gain, and of loss is its own vibratory tone? Yet, it existed in the very fields of the sun, as a chemist combines?

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