Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Future of the Book

I have definite ideas about the future in this medium Clifford.

First let me say, that Indymedia was the first introduction to "real time" reporting aside from TV network medias distributors. If you could bring other perspectives to the realites of our world, then indeed media in terms of pictures, live video shots, could help you present more ideas to the public.

How much of a effect does this have?

One might talk about blogging and the effect it has about giving power to the individual in the street to prersnt views from the front lines. Has been well along in it's developemental stages. I am just presentng a safe scenario and the pushing of the envelope to considerations of laws about copyright/copyleft? To bring this dynamcial world of the internet into a responsible forum of the development of minds.

If one knew the fog that is created in life, askes for the Clear MInd, then where shall we begin? A Tibetan might ask for a priest at his bedside(Tibetan Book of the Dead), so that he can walk the indivdidual through the trepidations of a "material world" as one is dying. To help one realize to this Clear light?

It had to begin then that if minds are going to involve themselves in a sphere of personalities, then they should be well prepared for how this developmental process is evovling our consciousness. How historical figures are part and parcel of the history of the world on another level that we do not see? Rings around this planet? Rings around us? What is the color of your mind?

My mind goes back first though in a historical sense to Gamow. I know most do not like to live in the past, but this sets up certain ideas about the future. The freedoms of expression. The developemental idealization of a free society, and not one held too.

Most of us know who Richard Stallman is right?

The GNU?

I was thinking of the Cathedral and the Bizzare, Netscape and Microsoft, and how this developement is moved to ideas about the creative commons and the desire of what that "future book" should be?

Making Prisons for our Children's Minds

The dangers of being held into Doom conspirative games while introducing story forms for a pro-active idealization about "using toys" to encourage destructive attitudes? Locking our childrens "minds" within rooms of destruction? Predators who prey on our children.

Future of Blogging

In one sense the idea about the pictures and how they are implemented in these blogging articles, and the way html works from blogging to weblog. The future of the mind of the internet

We seen Jacques's disgust with the way you see things in Word Press and the way they end up appearing? Uiversal html directtives applicable to all blogging software

The limitation put on those who would like to use imaging, but are cut out because of the adminstrative duties held for Cosmic Variance Little Rascals. Here in this blogging sphere, will others be allowed to post their pictures?

What is this future that our minds are evolving too, as we sit at the desk and find others of like mind across from us. Have entered the world of personalilites and have left the planet for another type of world?

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