Saturday, November 05, 2005

From Experience to Metaphors on Cosmic Variance

Most of you know who Alice is Right? Well Alice isa fictional story for those of you who don't know, the story of the Looking Glass has become synonmous witha a photon's flight into Young's other side.

I do not think I am held in to high a esteem, although my work and struggle has been to pierce the veil of illusions that could mistakenly take one down the wrong informational path. So the title above is quite fitting in a professional sense I guess. But yes I will persevere, to try my best and show historical context of where we have already been, so people understand this has not just been be a one night stand with science, but a life long one, without credentials.

So what did I mean by writing this following comment? Withn this comment I created this link here, to fast track people to today's culminative views on what Alice is now witnesssing from her metaphorical world.

I like your article Sean.

Even Penrose had to seek the help of Escher.

I mentioned Alice briefly in relation to the photonic journey, but realistically this adventure from mathematics to the fabled story has indeed capture the mind in what Alice is doing today. You see?

Spooky action at a distance has been extended from to issues of quantum entanglement, yet in it’s history, this was the world on the other side(Hyphephysics has a geometrical valuation in algebraic geometry(NOn communitative)?

So “piece meal” physics of imagination and experimentation, has move the metaphorial mind to consider “other experiments” as you suggest in this extension.

Yes there are dangers as well. But these are eliminated once engaged in the reality makng process.

Alice in Wonderland, A real World Fantasy

By creating the link in the picture above I am directing attention to what has historcally come out of that past as well as directing the mind to consider how math derivatives can blossom into dynamical situations, in representation not only of Feyman's toy models, but of what Lewis Carroll did in hs mathematical state of mind, to purposefully generate consensus in a fictional model.

The Looking Glast

To a World on the other side?

I mean for me it was a interesting analogy to have considered that if a photon was emitted through what value would all these paths be, if we were to see what arises on the screen? Young's experiement wa sindeed quite interesting to consider. So had I define the spac eand journey that photon could take?

So we have these people now who are working on one aspect of Cern and the LHC that will look at how Alice, now becomes witness to the wonderfuls works of a long string of researchers, scientists who are coming together to create this reality. But does it end with Cern. Of course not. The very title I imparted to Glast or Glass, highlights this continuance and effort to measurte early universe information and the design of the calorimeter is crucial here.

So let me fast track again for you to the Alice of Cern, to now engage what Glast has accomplished. These trains of thought have no one other then myself to consider, because it was in my not understading these issues that I moved into the world of science and laid myself open to the shots that good men and woman would have, about the lessser in knowledge, and those who had not earned the "right to speak?" I am outside academia, looking in:)

So what do I do without trying to infringe on copy right but enlist pictures and quotation from article such as this that follows to direct attention to such accomplishements. Such that are culminative from a fictional and fantastical world derived from some early history. Is it myth that I create or the contued updating of what had been accomplishe by such iteractive feature of events inthat early cosmo to what is evident in the calorimetric view today. We had set the parameters of such interactions that we now have a model whch we will use inthat satellite. We will witnes the SR views that Smolin and other sare being tuff with before ever entetaining the completed version of GR as a extension of geometrical realites set in a hyperdimensioal sense. That is not acceptable to them?

Second Glast Tower Installed By Matthew Early Wright

GLAST has started to take physical shape with the installation of the second tracking tower last month. Now the team can perform the first tests ever of multiple towers in the grid array. Researchers expect to learn much about how the towers and the analysis software will cooperate to eventually produce sharp images of the gamma-ray sky.

So I understand why Smolin and others like this road to confirmation of early universe considerations and tangible proofs to the realities of interactive phases taking us as close as they can. Why such a pricipal based in SRian revolutions are quite acceptable to them becuase of ths science status seen there.

Shall we disavow the roads to theoretcial developement then, or shall we say, that all fictional stories have a basis to them? The real world functions, roads that lead from? What basis are these then in our exploratory views?

Well I have shown one year's worth. If you check my dates of two image links, where the Alice pictures are involved. Does it mean, that I have not been paying my dues as the years have passed? On the contrary, the internal motivation does not need approval or to be paid, for it is more of the interest I have in this reality, to explain nature's hidden aspect and views of alternate pathways. INductive/deductive pulses, to develope forward, and grow with where society is currently housing these scientists in their endeavors.

Yes I might be the pizza man behind the counter, or, the individual that sits next to you on the airplane. I may not sit at your dinner table, but I am, and have been host to the family. The extended family, that although not on par with the scientific updatea nd talk in a communal dialogue, injects humour, and tidbits to spark the wonder in their own observational eye about life.

How we can greatly effect those around us, by example, and quiet invisibility, by the images and impacts that we can inject into that same family called society. But really this is just a sample view about one aspect of reality that scientists have to offer.

There are indeed unscientific views that are made up in our individuality. As emotive forces that act as undercurrents and "emotive" society. Could these be wild in my speculations, that the world is much like "this Onion" to have said, these are culminative views about a planet whose consciousness is developing in stages as well. That global perspective would have assigned hotspots in the world of color valuations, in that same global warring perspective? Color then, would be very dynamic, if we changed our views on how we see the world in other foundational perspectives.

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