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Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev: The Law of Octaves

Dmitri Mendeleev in 1897

Courtesy Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Collection, Department of Special Collections, University of Pennsylvania Library

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleyev (Russian: Дми́трий Ива́нович Менделе́ев listen ▶(?)) (8 February (O.S. 27 January) 1834 in Tobolsk – 2 February (O.S. 20 January) 1907 in Saint Petersburg), was a Russian chemist. He is renowned for being one of the two scientists who created the first version of the periodic table of elements. Unlike other contributors to the table, Mendeleyev managed to predict the properties of elements yet to be discovered. In several cases he even ventured to question the accuracy of the accepted atomic weights, arguing that they did not correspond to those predicted by the Periodic Law, and here too subsequent research proved him correct.

Now of course I have made some inferences here and who hasn't when it came to sound and it's values? I've explained this here.

But by exploring the value of the geometric forms, of the square, and the triangle these were simplistic analogies to earth(matter) and the triangle (energy) By simple addition of both these forms, and by looking at the value of Octave=do, re, mi, fa sol la ti do, etc. There had to be a injection point for this octave to ascend?

Now just take this as a story of the plot and look at what this plot is producing, not where science is, but of the easily converted analogies to the thinking of that sound in our universe can make to the elemental structure Mendeleev first sought out to map.

So by joining the square and the triangle, we see where "four triangles" are produced inthe form of the pyramid.

It also asks how can this idea of matter and energy have been sent to another octave, and hence an idealization of the Law of Octaves. So between mi and Fa, such injection would have lead any thinking to have wondered this associative function to what could transpire, if such a completion could have been modelled in the pyramid shape.

Four primary triangles that reprsent the basis of the transmutation of energy from the four lowers states of matter considerations to the triangles, and the ascension of vibrations readily asseted to be in the most rarified of "matter forms (particle reductionism)" associative with energy at this peak?

Proceedings of Societies [Report on the Law of Octaves]

Mr. JOHN A. R. NEWLANDS read a paper entitled "The Law of Octaves, and the Causes of Numerical Relations among the Atomic Weights."[41] The author claims the discovery of a law according to which the elements analogous in their properties exhibit peculiar relationships, similar to those subsisting in music between a note and its octave. Starting from the atomic weights on Cannizzarro's [sic] system, the author arranges the known elements in order of succession, beginning with the lowest atomic weight (hydrogen) and ending with thorium (=231.5); placing, however, nickel and cobalt, platinum and iridium, cerium and lanthanum, &c., in positions of absolute equality or in the same line. The fifty-six elements[42] so arranged are said to form the compass of eight octaves, and the author finds that chlorine, bromine, iodine, and fluorine are thus brought into the same line, or occupy corresponding places in his scale. Nitrogen and phosphorus, oxygen and sulphur, &c., are also considered as forming true octaves. The author's supposition will be exemplified in Table II., shown to the meeting, and here subjoined:--

Now such a colorful model of the pyramid to me in such oscillations mode seemed to reveall a dynamic form of color and it's variations. Is this what sound values of had left for us in our hydrogen spectrum mapped to see what energy valuation had occurred? The blacklines.

So it was not long, that such idealization about the value of sound might reveal it's consolidational effect, as we compared low and high sounds of value, to this spectrum. That low sounds were very matter orientated(consolidated), while high sound were very revealing of the vibratory function of energy valuations seen at the peak of that pyramid? The height of enrgy valuations in relation to particle reductionism. So what would this pyramid reveal in the thoughts of all humanity then? Simple deduction form from model participation is all. It gave insight into the outward expression of these matters(body) fluid emotive forces, to mental states of energy valuations?

I am not saying this is the way of it either, just that such a platform and model developememnt could have sparked other ideas, as Smolin so hopes might be revealled for further explorations into the new theoretical idea developement, to help us look at the way nature is.

Mendeleev example is a case in point where such ideas and sound valuation seem to penetrate the mind as to the essence and nature of matter. How strange then I might be, to say, that in our very own hearts is the transition point between the lower centers of man(his earth nature), that such ascension of this vibratory thought formsanaogy of the triangle to energy) would be, held in the clear mind?

But let's not forget some real science here.

The beam of positively-charged ions generates a slight magnetic field that interacts with an externally-applied magnetic field. The net result is that the trajectory of a charged particle is curved to an extent that depends on its speed (determined by its mass). When the beam of a mixture of isotopes of different masses falls on a photographic plate, the different isotopes converge at different points, corresponding to the different radii of their semicircular paths.

The mathematical equation that describes this phenomenon is: m/e = H2 r2 /2V, where m is the mass of the ion, e is the charge of the ion, H is the magnetic field strength, r is the radius of the semicircle, and V is the accelerating potential.

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