Thursday, November 24, 2005

The 5th Dimension and the Networld

Hi Darwin,

You thought my statement foolish, about Immanuel Kant?

Instead of Darwin I thought maybe you might envision yourself as Aristotle, as you stand beside me, under the "arche.":)

That what religion does is build concrete things, and so to models, for apprehension. If you stand and look at the room, why would I ever direct you to the picture on the wall? You have to draw back and take in a wider picure of what you see of Plato?:)

To them, I said,
the truth would be literally nothing
but the shadows of the images.

-Plato, The Republic (Book VII)

Gerard t'Hooft, as well as Heisenberg, used comparative views establish from the Dialogues. These things were taken into the schools of learning.

So by your reasoning, condensed matter physicists would be really happy to just deal with matter principles(whatever the building blocks of matter are?)The bottom up approach, while holography by philosophical attachment, should become irrelevant while we discuss the dimensional significance of where we are now in the networld?:)

I am a student and learning, please be kind.:)

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