Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tall Tales and Sailing Ships

I am a photon, and my name is "Christopher Columbus." Like Plato, I have taken a great adventure into the "world of possibilties" that not only encompassed the scope of man's thinking in terms of horizons, but I enlist these same minds to venture into the inclinations of a "ship that follows a global perspective."

In the looking glast I poke fun at what some think is "fictional story" that although mathematically embued and hidden from view, has a basis in our scientific pursuates. That some indeed, would like to curtail to "fiction?"

To have seen such a path followed by Young's experimental "fashionable photon," I like to take "trips" and having recognized the personality with which I as photon assume. I can take this tremendous journey across the great seas, like Columbus did.

But there is more to this story as the "link on the sailing ship" indicates. It is about the pursuate of technologies where such advancements in early universe detection methods arise. They brought me into view, where before, I was some mathematican's play thing. A Toy model, that was representative of my current ability to shine light. Now many see me in this day and age as a "flashlight and torpedo" piercing the veil of "illusions."

That's what I do. I like physics of the moment, and of course theoretical places that I would like to think that I can go. I would like to be present at the beginning of the universe, but I don't think I know how this trigger was initiated or how I came into being. Ah, it would be so easy, if I was just a sailing ship and soliton wave carrier, that could intermingle, and place points of consideration as ports of possible places and home I would like to rest in?

How scare they were these Greek man. Who thought safe harbour was the hope that falling off the world of, would enlisted cubism to discrete things and safety. While greater men looked beyond, and sailed honestly and with integrity to the horizon. Where they were no longer afraid to realize, that gravity had some influence indeed.

Reimann whispers in my ear, "Little photon, you have to follow the course I set."


  1. (The transverse electromagnetic wave has E field, B field and propagation vector at speed c all mutually perpendicular, which forms the loop core shown in the linked diagram. Red-shifted energy exchange along electric field lines with the surrounding universe (receding galaxies) along a random/drunkards brownian motion type walk, to avoid encountering equal numbers of opposite charges and cancelling, gives rise to the correct force of electromagnetism relative to gravity, i.e., the square root of the number of particles of either sign in the universe times the gravity pressure force mechanism.)

  2. I just had to say something here Nigel.

    I inspect your pages and information and I can tell you have a internal motivation to deal withthe issues of science here. I recognize this in Peter as well.

    Would I point to all the wrongs things in life, to help all deduce I am right? No, I try and listen to all perspectives, to help me along as a layman. I have to respect that those better informed will have the "heart of truth" and "reason" at my best interest, yet I know well, to be discrimminating once "emotive actions" enforce the determination that strngs has a master plan to destroy careers and people in it's wake.

    Like any model, you learn to use it in the hopes that it can lead to further perspectives, and whether it's wrong, has a whole history behind, that is supported by collider and particle considerations, that can not easily be dismissed with the wave of a hand.

    Because of your continue drive to persevere for such truths, is important from my perspective and as a layman I would try my darndest to have this truth. I would offer the ettiquete and respect that humans like you or I would have at the most basic core of our beings. To wonder, to know, what the truth of this reality is.

    So from this perspective, I want to learn.

    Does strings fit into the first three seconds of the universe?