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The Succession of thinking

How far indeed the the imagination can be taken to see such processes enveloped in how we percieve these changes all around us. Why is gravity so weak, here and now. I have jumped ahead but will lead into it from the other end of this article.

Never before had I encountered the reasoning of imaging behind the work of "conceptual frameworks" now in evidence. In how a mathmatician, or a scientist, like Einstein or Dirac, had some basis at which the design, of all that we endure, would have its's counterpart in this reality as substantial recognition of what must be done.

I don't think anyone now in the scientific arena needs to be reminded about what it takes to bring theory into the framework of cultural and societal developement, to see how it all actually is working. On and on now, I see this reverberating from Lisa Randall to all scientists that we encounter from one blog to the next, a recognition and developement of this visualization ability.

That Famous Equation and You , By BRIAN GREENE Op-Ed Contributor in New York Times, Published: September 30, 2005

Brian Greene:
After E = mc², scientists realized that this reasoning, however sensible it once seemed, was deeply flawed. Mass and energy are not distinct. They are the same basic stuff packaged in forms that make them appear different. Just as solid ice can melt into liquid water, Einstein showed, mass is a frozen form of energy that can be converted into the more familiar energy of motion. The amount of energy (E) produced by the conversion is given by his formula: multiply the amount of mass converted (m) by the speed of light squared (c²). Since the speed of light is a few hundred million meters per second (fast enough to travel around the earth seven times in a single second), c² , in these familiar units, is a huge number, about 100,000,000,000,000,000.

There are two links here.One by Peter Woit with reference to article and one toSean Carroll who further illucidates the article by Brian Greene.

So here I am at the other end of this referenced article, that other thoughts make their way into my mind. Previous discussison ongoing and halted. To todays references continued from all that we had encountered in what General Relativity surmizes.

That this issue about gravity is very real. So that's our journey then, is to understand how we would percieve the strength and weakness through out the spacetime and unification of a 3 dimension space and one of time, to some tangible reality within this coordinated frame Euclidean defined.

The Succession of Thinking

Mark helps us see in a way we might not of considered before.

Dark Matter and Extra-dimensional Modifications of Gravity

But the issue is much more complicated then first realized if we take this succension of thinking beyond the carefuly plotted course Einstein gave us all to consider.

Plato on Sep 27th, 2005 at 10:23 pm We were given some indications on this site about the state of affairs with Adelberger. Do you think this time span of proposed validation processes, were constructively and experimentally handled appropriately through it’s inception? As scientists would like to have seen all such processes handled in this respect?

So indeed I began to see this space as very much alive with energy that had be extended from it's original design to events that pass through all of creation, then how indeed could two views be established in our thiniking, to have Greene explain to us, that the world holds a much more percpetable view about what is not so understood in reality.

An Energy of Empty Space?

Einstein was the first person to realize that empty space is not nothingness. Space has amazing properties, many of which are just beginning to be understood. The first property of space that Einstein discovered is that more space can actually come into existence. Einstein's gravity theory makes a second prediction: "empty space" can have its own energy. This energy would not be diluted as space expands, because it is a property of space itself; as more space came into existence, more of this energy-of-space would come into existence as well. As a result, this form of energy would cause the universe to expand faster and faster as time passes. Unfortunately, no one understands why space should contain the observed amount of energy and not, say, much more or much less.

All the while the ideas that would leave gravity without explanation in a flat euclidean space, gravity would have been left to that solid response without further expalnatin in a weak field manifestation. But it was always much more then this I think.

While being caution once on what the quantum harmonic oscillator is not, Smolin did not remove my thinking of what was all pervasive from what this "empty space" might have implied, that heretofor "it's strength" was a measure then of a bulk, and what better way in which to see this measure?

Taken in context of this succession, this place where such conceptual framework had been taken too, it was very difficult not to encounter new ways in which to understand how gravity could changed our perceptions.

Thalean views were much more then just issues about water and all her dynamical explanations. It presented a new world in which to percieve dynamical issues about which, straight line thinking could no longer endure. A new image of earth in all it's wander, no less then Greene's analysis to how this famous equation becomes evident in our everyday world. It presented a case for new geometries to emerge. Viable and strengthened resolve to work in abstract spaces that before were never the vsion of men and women who left earth. Yet it all had it's place to endure in this succession that we now have adbvanced our culture in ways that one would not have thought possible from just scientific leanings.

So now I return myself to Einstein's allegorical talk on what concept had taken, when a scientist had wondered on the valuation of time.

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