Friday, October 21, 2005

Resonance: Brownian Motion

Now before I go into this I am thinking also if how "weathered effects and chaos" would have allowed quantum probability valuations (let's say spintronic idealization to channel) to have been curtailed to a Professor crossing the room. Brane orientation and fermionic considerations held, while helping to orientate views further out in the bulk?

This encompasses the generalization in terms of bubble dynamics, or how could any singularity too "inside/out" be of value to that same gravitational collapse, regardless of macro or micro considerations?

So one would have to seen how, Langrangian "points" help to view dynamcial situations in relation to the Sun Earth Moon. I would like to have thought of a chaldni plate analogy here, pointing, to a place for consideration of movement of our satelittes with less efffort. It is a vision of geometrical correlations that such idea could have been artistically embued.

This is a magazine that Clifford drew our attention too, and while looking in the archive I found reference here below that sort of caught my attention.

Brownian Motion Problem: Random Walk and

I really find this quite interesting from a "artistic point of view".

While indeed the issue is quite complex in terms of environmental flows and such, this kind of dynamcial valution might seem interesting from the point of view of early plasmatic conditions, would it not?

Now if such supefluid conditions would arise in the collider developements then, this expression would defintiely need to answer the way in which we look at what superpsymmeterical valuation would have ever resulted in symetry breaking valuation sought from these bubble dynamics, fromthe fluid of that early universe.

What constraints would limit you from making such a comparison and the idea of bubbles that form from this bath? To viewing dynamic situations in terms of thermodynamic realization offered from other perspectves. I give some examples shortly. Just know, that gravitational collapse would have signalled a better determination then one how ever discerned, to point to efforts to understand this supersymmetrical valuation. If all grviaational states of collpase are revealled as leaidng indicators to this supersymmetreicla valuation, then the idea to me is that this points to a underlying reality that exists in our moments around us.

While Microstate blackhole would be quick to dissipate, it is equally sufficient to my thinking to see that infomration realease from this "supersymmetrical breaking" would give indictaions as information in UV indications?

Of course it's all speculation from the point of the fluid, because we have evidence of this already. So all I am doing is saying that having the stage set, then how would such relations signal new universes?

So from a geometrical standpoint, having been told that there are no physics and geometry below a certain length (is this a quantum grvaity ascertion since there is no consensus?), this makes it extremely difficult to theoretically deal with how such a issue I am relaying in terms of Brownian motion could have ever spawned those same bubble universes out of such a fluid state.

This gallery was inspired by a lecture of Dr. Julien Sprott and his work.To learn how these are created, check out my Strange Attractor Tutorial. Click on the images to enlarge them.

So my mind is set in this chaotic enviroment, but indeed, the continuity of all these movements and flows seem disjointed from one perspective, that one point over here, might be different in the way a guassian map might reveal of point "p" over there. So we know on the surface, seeing valuation in terms of gaussion coordiantes that we can spell out on the face value of this surface, would have given a uv of P a very much different look.

Gaussian Coordinates
We can sum this up as follows: Gauss invented a method for the mathematical treatment of continua in general, in which ?size-relations? (?distances? between neighbouring points) are defined. To every point of a continuum are assigned as many numbers (Gaussian co-ordinates) as the continuum has dimensions. This is done in such a way, that only one meaning can be attached to the assignment, and that numbers (Gaussian co-ordinates) which differ by an indefinitely small amount are assigned to adjacent points. The Gaussian co-ordinate system is a logical generalisation of the Cartesian co-ordinate system. It is also applicable to non-Euclidean continua, but only when, with respect to the defined ?size? or ?distance,? small parts of the continuum under consideration behave more nearly like a Euclidean system, the smaller the part of the continuum under our notice.

Now if such bubble dynamics were to be self revealling, such surface measures would give evidentary features of the shape of this bubble, defining geometrical propensities as a surface valuation. I am thinking here of the "rainbow colors as refractory relevance" that would seem to define heavier color variations over this surface, if using soap bubble as an example.

So just to carry on a bit with this point "P" in gaussian coordinated of frame of UV, what realization exists that we could not find some relevance here in the geometry to have further exploited the mind's capabilties by venturing into the Wunderkammern of thinking. By association, of Nigel Hitchin's "B Field manifestations geometries" to realize that althought these might be limited to what Jacque is saying , then what value this geometry if we can not see the landscape as something real in time variable measures?

Now you know you could have never come to this "shape" without the birthing process of expansitory values of a new universe right? So of course there is something troubling about chaotc environments, but also the nice fluidic forms of expression that would seem to reveal the dynamics of nature in overlaid valuation, of motion.

Having come to a surface valution of expansitory features such as a measdure of the earth in a "time variable mode", makes much more sense to me having accumulative histories and use of Grace, that we would now say hey, ourviews of spherical and round earth we live on has a certain new feature about it, that does not seem so pretty. Well, we defined the valuation gravitationally over this whole planet and it is encased. So I see it as a bubble defined to it's mass context and density variations etc.

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