Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Mexican Hat and the Bed pan

Couldn't help but think of "entrainment" and the Tibetan bell or singing bowls. But let me explain first before you jump the gun.

Sea Biscuit?

No, just a interesitng perspective on it's uses?

Well, I'll have you know I was First Triangle in our high school orchestra.

I thought Sean would have more of affinity with the triangle? Try as I might, I looked through his ole site for that triangle in reference to one of his entries, and since no search function was readily availiable I gave up on that.

But the point I would be making here, that in light of the concert hall and all it's music, what kind of dynamcial view could have been envisioned, in the way sound would reverberate throughout this hall?

I mean the "mexican hat as a bed pan" and the idea of a "small cylinder" seem's a interesting way to have envisoned dream comparsions of vibrations? At least, that' what I saw as I hit the edge of the bed pan and the reality of discete functions became blurred. Okay enough:)

Savas Dimopoulos:Here’s an analogy to understand this: imagine that our universe is a two-dimensional pool table, which you look down on from the third spatial dimension. When the billiard balls collide on the table, they scatter into new trajectories across the surface. But we also hear the click of sound as they impact: that’s collision energy being radiated into a third dimension above and beyond the surface. In this picture, the billiard balls are like protons and neutrons, and the sound wave behaves like the graviton.

I mean we have progressed some in terms of the definitions of "sound" in the CMB. So just going with the idea that sound could have other explanatory virtues, is always quite nice from the views of Plato's Academy.

So with that dynamical view of the bulk what would sound look like from a gravitonic perception? Is this so wrong, to peg the triangle guy this way??

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