Monday, October 31, 2005

Main Stream Breakthrough on Cosmic Variance

linked in title of article of same name, by Sean Carroll

A Randall/Sundrum view of the cosmos

The trick in this picture supplied by Sean is to look at the ideas of gravitonic concentrations, as these would be leading to the range from weak field manifestation to high energy strong concentrations. Such a variance is the over riding validation to me of how all this comes together.

From a historical perspective wasn't Steinhart and Turok already dealing with this perspective in his demonstration of colliding branes?

There are certain assumptions made here as well, and this is the question that probably haunts me most, that if the universe was cyclical in it's nature(so it doesn't need to be explained in M theory?), then there had to be "something always existing" from which to have this enduring cycle of birth and death ever connected? Where did your brane come from? Where did your bulk come from?

Now Steinhardt and Turok say that - according to 'M-theory' - the universe need not pass through a singularity between a big crunch and a big bang. Supported by most cosmologists, M-theory says that space-time has eleven dimensions, of which we perceive four: three in space and one in time. Our four-dimensional 'brane' - short for membrane - is moving among the remaining dimensions or branes, which are hidden at very small or very large length scales.

This might contradict the idea of "microstate blackholes" as ever being useful in our determinations of the source of expression, from the "idea" of brane theory collisions?

If one was to think outside the box, the outside of the box would have to be included in the inside? :) Greene gives a fitting statement for this although he does not do it in relation to the box, but in direct relation to "the circle".

I give this a philosophical term in relation, as a "Liminocentric structure", yet it seems fitting to have a inductive/deductive features in this "toposense" as relevant. You know, the universe in the "mind of human kind and human kind in the universe."

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