Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lagrange points

As always, the pictures serve as links, as well as highlighted paragraphs in blue, and having once visited, purple. Pictures and paragraphs that are highlighted in gold are in conjunction and are direct links to sites, as well as fawcetts, within this blog. The neurolgical funcxtion of imagery was designed this way and I would encurgae wikipedia to use this idea in the images that they use. I suspect server updates reduce links back to them, which is retarded since all apragraph staements can be assigned to them quite easily.

This is the advancement in imagery use that mental powers had to keep pace with in computer developement. We know streaming video is quite useful, so why not the neurological fucntioning of "the image" that your minds can produce, that connect as these highlighted paragraphs can do?

These ideas make sense when you understand the effects of gravitational variances, and can see, what the effect of a fifth dimensional perspective can do. I think the writer understood what I was saying in article that follows?

Figure 2 shows a map of the gravity field of the Sun-Earth restricted three body problem. The contours show that the steepest gradients surround the Earth and Sun, with the five Earth Lagrange Points located in equilibrium regions with relatively gentle gradient. L1-L3 are unstable saddle points, and spacecraft positioned here will always drift away from the equilibrium. L4 and L5 are stable equilibria, and objects can orbit here indefinitely. The blue arrows show that L4 and L5 are actually atop a potential hill - it is the additional effect of the "Coriolis force" that makes them stable.

This newly found Interplanetary Superhighway is a perfect example of the overlap between classic analysis and modern numerical techniques. The genius minds of Euler and Lagrange used the new technique of calculus to solve the restricted three body problem and show the existence of these intriguing equilibrium points in space. Now, 200 years later, we are employing our own ground-breaking methods using dynamical systems theory and supercomputers, and taking our first steps along the invisible tunnels stretching through the solar system

If one didn't understand this application from a fifth dimensional perspective how would "this viewer" made any sense?

Such develoepments and perspective allow other views to develope in relation to how we see this planet, beyond the bubble enclosures one might have developed and culminates in this Thalean view.:)

This all leads to the developement of the Thalean view It is mathematically orientated although I have much to learn, I made use of a developing perspective that few would have realized, had they not put these things together. That's what I try to do, anyway.

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