Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Improve Classic Clock Tests

I think one had to understand what increasing complexity means in our universe? What relation to time would have been of value here while pointing to the quantum levels??

While there must be some pervasive view overlooking all of our ideals about gravity considerations and bulk perspective, the consistancy of the return too, and resulting complexities in expression, would be very hard to define, if such probabilistic manifestation of matter distinctions were to arise from some "specific rotational values?" We have a image of the developement of our cosmo, so what pray tell would enlist these rotational values to become some other universe and not this one? This "information" had to exist, as it's collapse and consequencal negativity expression manifested?

At the time such "anti-situations" are raised towards the very idea of findng a means to see such insight into a value issuing from this collapse. What would intiate such "jets" to emerge from a cosmological event or a quantum one??

This relationship between matter particles and force carriers is called supersymmetry.

If such a view was consistent within the framework of the "collapsing event" then how would supersymmetrical valuation ever be held to the creation of these "negative values"? It's beginning? So where would the information rest in the bulk. It's condensive features in graviton gatherings indicate such a value would have been triggerred in this collapse.

Of course we deal with historical perspectives first so we get a good sense here.

The two clocks depicted in the official logo for the CPT '04 meeting are related by the parity transformation (P). The inversion of black and white represents charge conservation (C), while time reversal (T) is represented by the movement of the hands of the clock in opposite directions.

Of course this starts out as a philosphical journey but it gets more detailed as time moves on, and we look for such issues in subject Sean writes above? From whence all things come and at whch point would a pendulum point of swing detail the very nature of such oscillating features? So if ones understand flat euclidean plane where no gravity exists, then what value would arise to a dynamcial view of the nature GR sets our minds too?

The same picture can be generalized to quantum field theory (QFT), the ground state becoming the vacuum state, and the role of the little man being played by ourselves. This means that there may exist symmetries of the laws of nature which are not manifest to us because the physical world in which we live is built on a vacuum state which is not invariant under them. In other words, the physical world of our experience can appear to us very asymmetric, but this does not necessarily mean that this asymmetry belongs to the fundamental laws of nature. SSB offers a key for understanding (and utilizing) this physical possiblity.

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