Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hidden Symmetries

I think this is one of my greatest struggles to comprehend how such a beginning could have been discerned as a supersymmetrical state, and then have symmetry breaking actions form from from it.

So how do you reconcile the "vacuum state" with the idea of this "elasticity" spread throughout all space, and then have these kinds of actions conceptually form from it?

While we may look at events within this space, "as individual" as some orbital might be seen, it does not pass some my attention that such cosmological events look vaguely familiar?

While I am being quite vague in my discriptions, it is not without some comparisons that one would ask how this universe came into to being. That we would not wonder abut some overall consensus realization from birth to death, and a recyclical nature, as necessay in the forming of these universes?

While I may see these same similarities, I am not sayng this is the way of it, just that there are two perspectives here in relation to the cosmological pallete and the quantum one, that sees some relation? Is there any, I do not know, but I know that this issue needs some more clarification.

Dirac hypothesized that what we think of as the "vacuum" is actually the state in which all the negative-energy states are filled, and none of the positive-energy states. Therefore, if we want to introduce a single electron we would have to put it in a positive-energy state, as all the negative-energy states are occupied. Furthermore, even if the electron loses energy by emitting photons it would be forbidden from dropping below zero energy.

Thus it comes from my mind that a supersymmetrical state of existance, would have found the possibilites and probabilites as a place from which all could express itself. Would we not consider such abilties of vacuum states to have produced a beginning in the form of bubble states, and from the understanding of "Dirac's sea" what possibiltes exists that such virtual particle would show itself and then quickly dissappear? All of this had to come from some where.

So quickly again, the "condense matter physics" comes to mind on how the building blocks of matter, have found some "predesigned abstract schematics"{this is a math reference} speaking to how such symmetry breaking shall make itself known in the forming constituent particles. That as we look deeper, we wonder indeed about this professor crossing the room. The marble drop or dalton board is a wonderful way in which Pascals triangles serves to initiate this idea of a pre-condition for such math expression in the world of abstract math. So what math shall lead this way?

So it held in my mind that zero pont exemplified the condition in the universe that space is really never "empty." That it needed "some thing" in which to arise from.

What geoemtrical and all incluisve could take hold of this action and reveal the wonderful events in our cosmos? So I looked at blackholes in relation to what could dissipate quite quickly(mircrostate balckholes) to what what was happening on a comsological scale in regards to to those same blackholes.

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