Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bubble World and Geometrodynamics

As I related in the blog entry comments of "trademarks of the geometers II" it was from that perspective the relation developed on plate 47 and indications of YING Yang interconnectivity to oriental philosophy that I encouraged bubble idealizations.

I think he(meaning site linked on new views) understood immediately the reference I made to the "Taoist symbol" and the relation to the Calabi Yau, in terms of the rotation being complete. No singularity, but the turning inside out of the state of the current universe to expressions detailed in the culmination of such gravitational collapses. I had to look for examples like this.

This idea was based on example lead from geometrical insight, I had encouraged from the understanding of that same gravitational collapse. This was derived from correlative attempts to encourage such "geometrical dynamics" revealled in sonoluminence examples, set out in experimental fashion, that physics might have encouraged, and then related back to the maths.

I never really understood this inclination of myself, but drawing examples in society seemed to be the way of it, so that the understanding could have found examples. It couldn't be that abstract that we could not find some relation, could it?

It seems I cannot locate my list references to the idea of gravitational collpase so I will have to refill this article with links to help direct the attention I gained from observing this inherent geometrical inclination .

The glass cell used by Fink and colleagues, surrounded by the eight high-frequency sound generators
The team believes this method can be modified to make the bubble collapse even faster, which would lead to greater light intensities. This would allow physicists to study the relationship between pressure, light intensity and temperature in sonoluminescence in more detail

So the point here is not to take sonoluminece as "the process" but of looking deeper into the geoemtrical design that ask blackhole creation, to give indicators as to the depth and contact glast might reveal from a inception point, with viable measures detailled through "calorimetric evidence" and design.

From a cosmological standpoint, this helped me to see the values of the curvature parameters that exist at the outer most edge of our cosmos. Is it right I am not sure?

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  1. on one hand I would not want to stray too far from conventional since the conventional is good at modelling the probabilities.

    Yes I understand this. Part of this recognition on my part is the evidence that you would find from the understanding of calorimetric views, and what basis held in terms of science of Glast and gamma ray detection.

    We are defintiely honing our perceptions for a deeper understanding of what is happening at the beginning of the universe. Your point above is held to view by some that has not gone unnoticed by me. It's validation process and acceptance.

    This understanding is indeed a hard resolve for me having come to see different perspectives form around this question. So trying to incorproate some consistancy and undertanding , I needed to geometrically make sense of it.

    So indeed I look for such things you describe and found help in visualization techniques offered by some in their computerized developement.

    Understanding in terms of rotation and degrees in which to complete an action. A waiter carrying a tray, and mbving his hand around while the tray stays upright or our views of a book rotated, or a deck of cards.

    So too in this case "planck epoch" is a good realization of what could happen through such phase transitons.

    Mirror symmetry just seem to be the undoing of one side of ying and Yang respectively where this continuous nature was smooth and topologically understandable? Turning something inside out, and back again.

    A continous notion I have gained in looking at the nature of the universe. How would such cyclical process develope, if we did not understand that such gravitational collapse could set up the temperatures values necessary, for that perfect fluid?

    How would you do this, and not recognize the valuation in supersymmetry?

    A link given by me of Wayne Hu today, also lists Andrey Kravstov help towards such views all spread out, and inherent that strings would form across this universe. Such bosonic particle entities would indeed enlisted these tubes and variations of these tubes as evidence of the valuation of the energy distributed throughout that universe?