Sunday, September 18, 2005

What's in a House

The ‘meeting hall” is a interesting version of native design

Alejandro Rivero:
(Plato, could you ellaborate, here or in your weblog, about Netherlands “meeting hall” concept?

I was thinking about the educational community in regards to the building, and how such communities are really like these families, and the "long houses" that provided for such large native families to live side by side.

The program shows how Native Americans used materials available to create a comfortable and safe living environment. It also looks at the sophisticated social environments in which such things as the Iroquois Longhouse and the West Coast Cedar Houses, both multiple family dwellings, operated. A look at art forms, both fine and utilitarian, in relationship to the architecture is also included in the program.

Using natural logs inside house of educational center, brings a nice natural feel and environment for such lectures. That's all.

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