Friday, September 09, 2005

Quark Gluon Plasma

So how far back to the beginning, and if we had thought supersymmetry could exist, would it be in the most perfect fluid?

This form of matter is called quark-gluon plasma or QGP. Like its name suggests, QGP is a "soup", or plasma, of quarks and gluons.

(see physics primer)

RHIC Scientists Serve Up “Perfect” Liquid

“The truly stunning finding at RHIC that the new state of matter created in the collisions of gold ions is more like a liquid than a gas gives us a profound insight into the earliest moments of the universe,” said Dr. Raymond L. Orbach, Director of the DOE Office of Science.

Also of great interest to many following progress at RHIC is the emerging connection between the collider’s results and calculations using the methods of string theory, an approach that attempts to explain fundamental properties of the universe using 10 dimensions instead of the usual three spatial dimensions plus time.

Dr. Raymond L. Orbach
“The possibility of a connection between string theory and RHIC collisions is unexpected and exhilarating,” Dr. Orbach said. “String theory seeks to unify the two great intellectual achievements of twentieth-century physics, general relativity and quantum mechanics, and it may well have a profound impact on the physics of the twenty-first century.”

So the issue is which blackholes would help point towards this supersymmetrical view that I jest in the Ipod post and the ipod that forms the perfect fluid? So this idea then about which blackhole has to have found some value in what I assign the new Ipod technology, that takes back to a time near the beginning of the universe.

Some say if you have to explain the joke then it sort of devalues the joke. Not in this case if you move forward with it, and see what the latest is in research. Sort of "sets the stage" as I allude too, in this other article of cosmic variance's.

A simple jesture is the question of course (Clifford reminds us here) and without it, how can you move perception forward? It's kind of hard to do that on your own, limited by the current knowledge one might have. So you in essence look forward to those areas that help direct this knowledge. For those who want to rehash the ID debate, only add fuel to the fire for the believers. Better to let it die it's own death and watch for the merits of scientific valuation that is brought forth through media. Speak directly to this only, and the refutation will be it's measure by it's own design.

What conditions would have allowed such a scene to be developed in supersymmetrical view, that I had wondered, could such a perfect fluid be the example needed? What blackholes hole would allow such a view to be carried down to this level in gold ion collisions, that we might see the results of string theory, as a useful analogy in the discernation of what can now be brought forward for inspection. As to the credibility of what string/M-Theory proposes?

Give value to string theory where previous comments on the nature of experimental research has lacked luster for this approach? The name choosen for the new Ipod model was specific, as it provided for the idea that we can take this supersymmetrical reality closer to the beginning of this universe and use the BPS blackhole nature for this conisdertaion and resulting fliud nature realized?

What conditions would provide for such a reality?

So of course by incinuation what is the nature of this BPS Blackhole that I am refering. That will be the issue on the next post created.