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More Quantum Gravity Comments

Aristotle: Commenced his investigation on the Wisdom of the philosphers. "Thales says that it is water" it is the nature of the arche, the originating principle. Water is the Nature of All Things"

Now relax before you start assigning numerical values to the opening statement:) Might I see a greater context in the evaporation(decay), of course, and I will say I like to think all things have some issue in this regard? Some evidence?:)

After I wrote my post below on quantum gravity and related Jacques comments, I was glad to find Lubos Motl and Peter Woit both had created similar posts to address this issue a little more deeply. Reference to John Baez was also very important, from the basis of clearing up the view points Peter holds to in regards to his feelings on quantum gravity as well.

I know that my view is much distant from the qualified aspects of these gentleman have to offered. I find hope, that there might be this capable resolution to giving perspective to where perspective is needed. This is valuable to me, as I know with some conviction the idea of this landscape will not let go of my inquiring mind.

Finding methods of application in the weak field measure were held in mind when dimensional significance was assign those extra dimenions. As we find the attempts at experimental verification less then satisfying, or the views to moon measure(?), it became clear to me, we already were doing things in this regard, and just were not privy to these views.

I know too, to limited the alchemical relation or be torched on the ground of crackpotism rules assigned a numerical value to any opening statement, so I had to be careful here in referring to the Thalean view:) This aspect was consider when I held to view the new methods at dealing with gravity with our space born measuring eye to eye. I have nothing more to say about the too and fro, and the distant measurte her eof our global planet, that I would too consider the extension of the Reimannian view had also be extended by me and not limited as Peter might have thought.

Lubos said:
But that's not how it works in the quantum world. If an event is very "weak" - such as a decay of a light nucleus - quantum mechanics dictates that with a probability close to one, the process has *no* impact whatsoever on spacetime geometry (or the electromagnetic field); and there is a small probability that one produces one (or a few) gravitons (or photons).

Although I would not like to invoke mysticism in this venture, the "weak field" view had amazed me when I understood that a measure would be capable in a new global perspective, spoken to here.

While I had to remind of compassion that exists, I had to interrupt the flow of the site for a minute, so that perspective was brought back from all the political ramifications and warring views materializing about the oil and gas reserve that is being gobbled up from other countries to secure the resource for the United States.

This did not look good to me, as I looked back to the views of the terrorism being fought in another land, might have also held the security of these reserves to lives willing to be sacrificed. That's all I wil say about this, and holding these thoughts, I wanted to continue to speak to that subject of quantum gravity regardless of the tragety taking place on our globe. I won't assignthese values to a God, becuase the science is still very compelling to me that we are limtied as always from a wquantum mechanical perspective that weather itself produces.

So without these views on weak field measure I undertsood now that in my mind, this process was not needed in looking at the dimensinal valuation aldeberger and others are doing, becuase we can measure this gravity in ways tha we are not accustomed too.

It is not bad a reason now to consider that this Thalean view although very wrong for our current day, I understood well "first principle" from his perspective was based on water. So to me finding this calibration point amidst the field qualites of a planet much greater in perspective to this ths beautiful globe of water, fresh water resources become critical issues with such large populatins covering the face of these land masses.

So try as you might to argue with me about the tangibility of a landscape one is painted inhow weassign the relativity measure to our features of water pervasive ness amidst mas detrmination of hills and valleys. Thsi was a conceptually success in my mind even while good science minds are embroiled inthe requiremets of how to assign symmetry breaking froma supersymmetrical world, ther had to be some constant in thought. Some valuatin about th eidea of the landscape to make it applicable in how we loking at this functionin our world measures.

No where did I mention the perfect fluid of the strong coupling, but iwas very aware of the nedd for the quantum mechanical process to be addrssed conceptually. I of course from layman views am stl subject to mistakes inmy views but I struggle hard to over come these by continuing to learn and watch.

Here I would like to give credit to Clifford of Cosmic Variance for taking this discussin further, and the perception of Smolins for this integrative civilized discussion without invoking the Intelligent design issue. I have now gone past the resistance to landscape analogies to continue to perfect the view of a dimensional reality that few want to acknolwedge and deal with.

If indeed I wanted to assign transcendance to the computer world, the sentient being would be one that recognizes that a world in graphic resoluiton, had now paved the way for the Thalean group of mathematicans who Peter Woit mentioned. Might these people break the barriers of mathematicians from the world of theoretical into the world of physics.

I always had trouble understanding why theoretics would be so held in distain holding the mathemtic mind, but I understand this resistance when a personality would have been assigned, a ID classification, even though the physics had to be correlated in those same equations? They had to be able to operate at the edge, and continue on from that point.

So indeed this point of mass assignation, is indeed a troubling one, while I still see fluidity as a continous feature of supersymmetrical view? Such allocations of discretion were less then appealing, although necessary, as a measure of the depth of perception. So how do we resolve it?:) I am not sure either, but for some strange reason I can't let go of the view of a continous nature, when left to see decay as a measure of what existed in another state.

So of course we look for this trigger. This place where all might agree and if all created, started from such a place then how shall we assign our reason to what shall be the best way to proceed?

I wanted to add Lee Smolin's comments here.

Lee Smolin said:Of course if the theory is right-and we never assume so-we must show more. We must show that the ground state is semiclassical, by solving the dynamics. This is a hard problem, analogous to showing that the ground state of water is a solid. But as this is the focus of attention there are beginning to be significant, non-trivial results on how classical spacetime can emerge from a background independent quantum theory.

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