Saturday, September 24, 2005

Big Ideas.....To String Theory

Plato said:
yes to Gauss and gaussian coordinates, not forgetting, Saccheri, Bolyai and Lobschevasky along this lineage of geometers

On the Hypotheses which lie at the Bases of Geometry

So A continuation from this, and reference to important papers for consideration.

I was actually looking for papers on S.S.Chern and I have been having difficulty tracking down one of his papers entitled,"Relativity and Post Reimannian Differential Geometry," published in 1980. As I look, I usually come across interesting sites for consideration. They do indeed lead from one spot to another willy-nilly.

So I thought I would show the transition to topics that I compiled for reference in relation to string theory.

So having gone through a list here as follows, I came upon the article from a site called "Big Ideas". It was nice then, that I link to the site in question and the article for consideration. Talk about getting off the beaten path.:)

My intentions was to see how Gauss's and S.S. Chern's work correlated together and developed in line with Reimann. Hence the paper in question I was looking for. If anything had change my perspective, Gauss and Reimann were instrumental here and the understading of the metric. Gaussian coordinates help united much for me into the picture General Relativity had taken me too in see the dynamcial nature of the graviational field.

Big Ideas

It is of course from 2003, but always interesting nonetheless.

I understand Clifford's hesistancy on articles that have come out and some trepidation also seen by P.P. Cook on the issue Horizon of Hawkings in his article here. My focused is well set to this horizon as well, as th e question of blackhole types etc, and how such theoretical positions arise fromthis horizon. This was important to me that I move to the understanding of conformal ideas from tha horizon.

But articles, as best they can, hopefully can bring the lay person up to speed on what these ladies and gentlemen are doing with string theory and such. They help me in the generalized direction, so I hope all things are not to lost for Clifford and Paul in their entrancement of observation. "Disgust" to something fine in the media of consideration.

I noticed Paul's link to Jan Troost's site and have seen that site develope from inception, so it was interesting to continue to see the summation of string theory on his site as well. There are really good sites out there that I have kept track of, to help orientate my thinking in regards to to theoretical thinking at it's finest.

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