Thursday, August 18, 2005

Big Horn Medicine Wheel

I'll put a picture here from my trip(it is taken from the board located at the site). It's the Bighorn Medicine Wheel located by Sheridan Wyoming. It is about 9642 feet up and on Medicine Mountain. The walk was about a mile and half in and was about a 100 degrees that day.

If conceived as a series of ever-wider experiential contexts, nested one within the other like a set of Chinese boxes, consciousness can be thought of as wrapping back around on itself in such a way that the outermost 'context' is indistinguishable from the innermost 'content' - a structure for which we coined the term 'liminocentric'.

So these artifacts of culture and methods of model intepretation, can be one of many that finds interesting features, as a expansitory universe? At the same time such model enhances the internal developement. No wonder the Klein bottle attracts the eye, or a mobius strip. And let's not be sheepish here, the Taoist symbol? IMagine indeed one could suffer the wrath of Gellman and look out Tony Smith you might be sidelined because of these yin and yang symbolizations and the Eightfold way?

Culture changes perspective as much as new models that help us see things in different ways.

The familiar extended dimensions, therefore, may very well also be in the shape of circles and hence subject to the R and 1/R physical identification of string theory. To put some rough numbers in, if the familiar dimensions are circular then their radii must be about as large as 15 billion light-years, which is about ten trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion (R= 1061) times the Planck length, and growing as the universe explands. If string theory is right, this is physically identical to the familiar dimensions being circular with incredibly tiny radii of about 1/R=1/1061=10-61 times the Planck length! There are our well-known familiar dimensions in an alternate description provided by string theory. [Greene's emphasis]. In fact, in the reciprocal language, these tiny circles are getting ever smaller as time goes by, since as R grows, 1/R shrinks. Now we seem to have really gone off the deep end. How can this possibly be true? How can a six-foot tall human being 'fit' inside such an unbelievably microscopic universe? How can a speck of a universe be physically identical to the great expanse we view in the heavens above? (Greene, The Elegant Universe, pages 248-249).

What relevance would Greene's statement have in relation, and the draw back of meaning other then the support of physics, makes my subjectives perceptions questionable?

But from the understanding of the expansion of the cosmos, what model is hidden in our perceptions, that we would seek to make the journey of humanity whole? By seeing and understanding, the beginning and the end of this universe, is a suttle change from one phase state change, to the next? From Planck Epoch to Grand Unification, and how suttle(high) the energy that makes its way in our world to see it is measured and in wonderous mode, call it the Oh my God Particle?

So then, the history of that universe is with us now. Where the possibility exists that such microstate blackholes would have the opportunities to indicate what shall begin and from where?

So what are we to think of this dimensional perspective that would describe for us this anomalie of Eric Adelberger on Aug 12th, 2005 at 2:37 pm, experimentally is being done for the measure of those extra dimensions?

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