Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Symmetry: Dimensions of Particle Physics

I thought it important that I present the infomrtaion that was tied to John Ellis's article in previous thread below and what was happening in regards to Microstate blackhole recognition.

Let it Rain
The most energetic particles in the universe have a message for us. The gigantic Pierre Auger Southern Observatory, still under construction in Argentina, is already trying to decipher it.
By Davide Castelvecchi

Most people I have read reveal the silence of common information, as a realization of Blackholes as the cosmological design, we like to play with. But when it comes to testing these extra dimensions, imagine indeed, that such length's we go too, helps us to adjust to what happens around us everyday.

From this conceptualization, much has changed in the propspective views? Staunch supportors of rejection, do not realize what could be implied of the extra energy dissappearing and how you would measure it, in our everyday surroundings?.

I give a philospohical explanation to help explain the realization of how we see in these extra dimensions The earlyhsiory of extending these ideas, calls for more educative functions with those who do not understand this extension and theoretics going out on this limb. Should it be so easily dismissed?

If you do not follow this history, you will never understand what Nima Arkani-Hamed, Sava Dimopoulos, and Gia Dvali been doing with extra dimensions. There is a conceptual feature here that I have spoken too in regards to gravity that few understand.

So as we see Einstein's Bubble, we come to recognize the consistancy with which we would engage information that arises from such bubbles being burst. They give us information about the contents of these spaces, and from such light, we wonder what has been revealled? Cosmologiclaly the whole universe is teaming with the understanding that there can never be this zero function? To have realize it is a very dynamcial process that is continous and cyclical in nature?

Underlying this view of a cyclical nature, is the realization that such events are geometrically/topologically driven and schematically express the whole frame work of this discussion. How suttle it is sometimes, that we would be dismayed by physicists who are speaking about the geometrics/topological functions, to realize they are incorporating the realizations of this contraction/expansive feature, not only in the cosmo, but in how we see into the nature around us now.

Of course this is from a junior mind on these things in terms of education, but hopefully the vsion and eyesight, is well enough that such discriptions displayed, has viable perspectives to share?

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