Thursday, April 07, 2005

Cosmological and Microstate Blackholes

Perspectives On Nature's Greatest Puzzles

Nima Arkani-Hamed
First rule of progress in science-better to follow your nose, then twiddle your thumbs

My perspectives are elementary generalizations from the views of those at the forefront of theoretcical research into comprehenson of the nature of this cosmo and the ideas of it's cyclical nature. Where else shal we consider this rebirth of sorts but to have been taken to the origins and how we percieve this same universe?

From the general public perspective concepts, which are developing will never make sense, if they did not understand the work that brought these two perspectives together and created this trend to the cosmological pallette for fun, with the theoretical approaches seen in high energy considerations?

Once these views of the cosmological design were contemplated, they revealled a deeper intricacy into the geometry/topological considerations. It was not to far a leap to considered the early universe foundations in the gravitational collapse of those same blackholes, would lead us to the ideas in high energy considerations.

Has the Track Record Been Poven?

Nima Arkani-Hamed:
Our Mantra:
LHC + L.C. will reveal natural theory of weak scale

Once it was understood that such balckhole creation could be idealic produced in the in high energy considerations, the expansive technique to developemental policies quickly reocgnized the diversity? With how the new views would form in minds which had been enaged in string theory. To understand well this covering, that had been placed over all the perspective leading through the standard model comprehension mode. They had discovered the nature of this cyclical universe already?:)

Should this be transcended into allotment of financial gain and to push perspective into the most approrpiate directions? Was it was safe and sound enough in the work that had been moved into the idealization of those same microstate blackholes, then the choice given John Ellis and others would have been far reaching in what direction such courses of event would lead too, into the future.

Having recognized that these trends would now force the move from theoretical design to one of experiementalist having developing proofs , John moves us forward here in the developement phase of cosmological interactions taking place in the field of experience of our earth and it's relation with the sun.

LIGO Translation

But lets not forget the work LIGO has done in transforming our views of the early history. Webber, John Wheeler and Kip Thorne and others, took it upon themselves to orientate the view not once, but many times to see where such progression has lead to the developement of LIGO operations and Detection.

This forced the current trends in string research to produce students that would move this subject into new directions? Now geared to questions of what that gravity might have surmised in its expression and developement. Hence the title of this thread.

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