Thursday, February 03, 2005

Time and Gravity

Einstein wrote
>"...for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one."

After being changed by assuming the views of string theory, something happened in my perspective about understanding the dimensional significance of the history of our existance? Reading and working the GR evolution and seeing what Wheeler and Kip Thorne had done, I was not going to be to easily dismissed by those who do not want to find relevance in this association.

Previously, I have show some detection methods that are being implored to understand what GR has lead us too. What happens when a quantum mechanical view wants to merge as a form of quantum geometry, in these short distances.

The Beginning of Time, by Stephen Hawking

The conclusion of this lecture is that the universe has not existed forever. Rather, the universe, and time itself, had a beginning in the Big Bang, about 15 billion years ago. The beginning of real time, would have been a singularity, at which the laws of physics would have broken down. Nevertheless, the way the universe began would have been determined by the laws of physics, if the universe satisfied the no boundary condition. This says that in the imaginary time direction, space-time is finite in extent, but doesn't have any boundary or edge. The predictions of the no boundary proposal seem to agree with observation. The no boundary hypothesis also predicts that the universe will eventually collapse again. However, the contracting phase, will not have the opposite arrow of time, to the expanding phase. So we will keep on getting older, and we won't return to our youth. Because time is not going to go backwards, I think I better stop now.

It was well evident that we had minds who are engaging thes econcepts and helping us along, it became clear, that the distance from the events of gamma ray burts will have released information at one end of the spectrum that ha sbeen adjust for a finer view of the times in terms of these billions of years?

The measure of this distance has left information for us to consider? Has left traces of these events for us to consider in these detection systems. How much closer has "particle identification," taken us to the source of these events?

Not to shabby with the thinking minds, that we could have gained in perspective with thinking and intelligent beings, who slowly moved us forward in the evolution of our understanding.

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