Saturday, February 19, 2005

Shakespearean Quandry?

e- or not to e+ :)

Light-matter interaction
Low energy phenomena  Photoelectric effect
Mid-energy phenomena Compton scattering
High energy phenomena Pair production

Part of the realization is that if we encounter this dynamical universe with ways to intuitive glance at the interplay of this black and white, I was drawn to the idealization of the matrices, and their involvement?

Pair Production

Every known particle has an antiparticle; if they encounter one another, they will annihilate with the production of two gamma-rays. The quantum energies of the gamma rays is equal to the sum of the mass energies of the two particles (including their kinetic energies). It is also possible for a photon to give up its quantum energy to the formation of a particle-antiparticle pair in its interaction with matter.

This is very touchy area for me, but I endeavor to what Glast determinations are revealling, as we move to consider the relevance of this interactive feature of the dark matter energy, in regards to the cosmological movement revealled by the Friedmann equation.

We needed this question of Shakespeare, to move our minds to the question of the ever constant becoming, to know that it would manifest in this cyclical nature of rejuvenation. Where blackhole and gravitonic condensation, can become viable features of phase state changes, taking us back the beginning of this universe, now?

Now it's possible that those kinds of laws in physics may be incomplete. It might be that the laws change absolutely with time; that grvaity for instance varies with time and that this inverse square law has a strength which depends on how long it is since the beginning of time. In other words, it's possible that in the future we'll have more understanding of everything and physics may be completed by some kind of statement of how things started which are external tothe laws of physics.

Pg 206 and 207, of Superstrings, A Theory of Everything, by P.C.W.Davies and J. Brown

So lets cosider something else here where such dynamcial realization would point to microstate blackholes. This will follow later for consideration.

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