Monday, February 28, 2005


If you assume something always had to exist, then to me, this statement of nothingness is quite puzzling to me.

The most surprising difference for the quantum case is the so-called zero-point vibration" of the n=0 ground state. This implies that molecules are not completely at rest, even at absolute zero temperature.

String theory suggests that the big bang was not the origin of the universe but simply the outcome of a preexisting state

The title to me, was always illucive in regards to Henning Genz, yet these two quotes helped to futher define the attributes of gravitational and electromagetic waves.

Nothingness, by henning genz, pg 179

The energy of the liquid wave is energy associated with gravitation and motion of its molecules; the energy of light is energy pure and simple, associated with every illuminated point in space.

Back to light:Let's remember that it is tantamount to an oscillation of abstract field quantities in space, not an oscillation of space proper. But the latter exists,too.

From a gravity perspective I am always wondering how to tell the dynamical nature of the universe. It is easily ascertained by implications of GR cosmologically, but if moving to the higher energies, then how would photon interaction reveal itself in a quantum mechanical world, where probabilties reign?

The statistical sense of Maxwell distribution can be demonstrated with the aid of Galton board which consists of the wood board with many nails as shown in animation. Above the board the funnel is situated in which the particles of the sand or corns can be poured. If we drop one particle into this funnel, then it will fall colliding many nails and will deviate from the center of the board by chaotic way. If we pour the particles continuously, then the most of them will agglomerate in the center of the board and some amount will appear apart the center.

Is there some marble test that would help us shape our views of the dynamics of lets say bubble technolgies that would define perspective about points on this bubble? Like the Bell curve, or some BEC condensate, or a soliton wave being applicabile to describing that graviton holographically?

You had to appreciate I think the ideas behind cosmic string developement from the early universe to undertand that such probabilties, were being define as selective features of the universe, like ours being to support the life is dones here. How does the cosological constant fair here? Why not some other kind of universe?

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