Thursday, February 17, 2005

Neutrinos for Geophysics

I am always interested in seeing how the physics that has developed, could better induce minds to expand the potentials of these innovations to help the world's population in a most appropriate way.

The issues on climate and the ways in which we could measure this is far removed from the butterfly who flaps his wings, and the need for dramatic computerization functions to reveal model apprehensions of some predictable feature of that same climate. A pretty unsurmoutable problem in uncertainty? Gerard Hooft recognizes these problems, but while this uncertainty reigns alternative to using many computers to diagnosis,as in Seti and Ligo analysis.

A physicist in the US has proposed using a beam of neutrinos to measure the density of the Earth's core. Walter Winter of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton says that neutrinos could provide information about the Earth that is not available with other techniques (

So in this respect of information gathering, the idea here is to understand the mass density of the land mass regions to help people gather in potential spots of safety. Much like the recognition of tsunami revelations detected, so that escape from shores can be forewarn to people to move inland.

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