Sunday, February 13, 2005

HIgher Dimensions Without the Geometry?

In Illusions and Miracles I became concerned with what the mind's capabilties which could encounter fifth dimensional views. That such examples were needed, and found in relation to Thomas Banchoff.

Having understood the early development from Euclidean perspective, our furthered evolutionary developement of the geometries, were gained by moving beyond the fifth postulate. I became comfortable with a dynamical realization about our universe(Omega), and about the idealization of curvature in dynamical fields of supergravity.

I made the statement that GR is reduced from the higher geometries and along with that view the understanding that things existed in earliers states of being. Robert Laughlin's views of complexity and symmetry breaking would reveal to me, that the matter states of form, were derived from "other states of existance". This is a fundamental realization of higher dimensional attributes revealled in the topologies/geometries. So from higher, and the continuity of, topological considerations to the firmly fixed realms of geometries in the forms? So from early universe to now, what views allow us to consider that symmetical breaking that has gone through phase transitions, to get from the planck epoch phase of our universe to today?

Having come in contact with a new type of thinking in the realm of the geometries, it became very important to me to understand how this could have manifested early in our historical background? I followed it through GR in order for this to make sense, I continued to move and consider the higher dimensional relevance new models might use in their move to the abstracts realms of thinking.

Here I would interject the realization of string theory, and ask why such a rejection mathematically, would dimiss the subject of strings based on this dimensional realization, and then quickly disperse, string's relevance because of the higher dimensional significance brought to bear on the attribtues of the minds capabilties? Part of the develpement of the brains compacity was the realization that such images produced(higher topological math forms), could indeed symmetryically break to forms within the world. Forms within mind, that could lead to solification in the math? When is a Pipe a Pipe?:)

This is what had troubled me most, noting Peter Woit's rejection of the value of his "anti" campaign of string theory evolution. Maybe, it was more then the idea of the subject and it's established views that he felt were as much part of the illusion as any other theory, that found itself unscientifically determined? Based on the constructs string theory developed? Maybe it was the funding biased felt towards this subject, and lack of, somewhere else. We wouldn't know this, because he had no alternative?

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