Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Blackhole Production and Sonluminence

John Ellis:The quark-gluon plasma - if it exists and is being produced at RHIC - is considerably more complicated than was thought a few years ago. It seems to be an almost perfect, strongl-interacting fluid with very low viscosity. Theoretically, there have been some very interesting developments relating the plasma to string theory, as well as strongly-coupled supersymmetric gauge theory and ideas from condensed-matter physics, e.g., in nano-Kelvin Bose-Einstein condensates.

I have been interested in finding a consistent geometrical/topological system to undertanding our universe. When we look to the reductionistic principles, I couldn't help but be attracted to the idealization of bubble nucleation, and if such was the case, then such an idea had to emerge from a very hot time.

Can we entertain such bubble nucleations within the context of these experiments?

Would M theory have then found it's experimental counterpart? The Bose Nova and Jet idea from collapsing bubbles has been part of the vision I speculated in what Heisenberg saw in the geometrodynamics of a nuclear explosion. See, not only were we detonating a nuclear reaction(gravitational collapse), but we were doing something beyond the perception, by going to the heart of these particle collisions.

Part of this process for me, was looking for a situable framework in which the gravitational collpase could induce the geometrics /topological explanations that would go hand in hand with these processes. So as theoretical this may sound, before such plasmatic states of existance are developed, what would we see at this level in relations to such bubble nucleations?

The second plume of antimatter was unexpected and has yet to be explained. "The origin of this new and unexpected source of antimatter is a mystery," said Northwestern University physics professor William Purcell.

In the Bose NOva such jets would seem beyond the approach of the micrososmic idealization but if such consistancies could exist, how would we describe the relationship between the very large to the very small? The geoemtrics/topological would have to be compatible?

So in looking for this way in which such energy could go through a increase to generate the needed energy, the collapse of the blackhole would initiate this energy production by tapping the source?

Such Gravitonic condensation would have initiated the booms by contracting the blackhole. Such allegorical relations were developing in my mind about how such gravitons could amassed from such intiated responses, that I looked to sonoluminece as to how such nuclear reaction could have been initiated for energy creation?

I then saw such relations on how grvatons would have been move within the balckhole in comparative sounds vibration being moved witin t ebubbles for reaction. All highly speculative on my part and of course needing correction.

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