Sunday, January 30, 2005

Topology and Early History

Part of the effort here is to outlay the idealization of what Genus figures means and the relationship to string amplitutdes.

A diagram of the Königsberg bridges
Topological ideas are present in almost all areas of today's mathematics. The subject of topology itself consists of several different branches, such as point set topology, algebraic topology and differential topology, which have relatively little in common. We shall trace the rise of topological concepts in a number of different situations.

Part of the difficulties here for me, is understanding exactly what is going on in these higher dimensional places, that string theorists and mathematicians like to venture.

Throughout, I have shown the processes with which a smooth topological feature would have endowed movements like the donut into the coffee cup and wondered, about this idea of Genus figures and how they to become part of the fixtures of the terrain with which mathematicians like to enjoy themselves over coffee?:)

The idealization of string amplitutdes raised cosmological correlations in my mind as well as understanding these harmonics, so the String Amplitutde search was initiated within my blog, to lead one through other idealizationas that become evident for me.

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