Saturday, January 15, 2005

Seeing Beyond the Mass and Density?

Fig.1: Generally Grouping Order increases the density of objects within a frame of reference, resulting in a more pronounced single object.

To see beyond what we have taken for granted it is important that you understand how we got to the way we are. Above the diagram helps you too orientate these views in accordance with established sciences.

A lot of thought have been going through my mind about what is currently being manifested all around us in terms of all the wavelengths that we are inundating to our environment. Television, cell phones, electric grid lines and all the sorts and I am wondering if, we have basically interrupted, the process in nature that is natural, and supplemented it with human kinds fabrications?

Lets just focus on matter distinctions then for now and how such inundations above might have found some comparative views in what nature decided to do for us. In how it density variations would have aligned themselves over the planet during it's formation?

The distribution of mass over the Earth is non-uniform. GRACE will determine this uneven mass distribution by measuring changes in Earth’s gravity field.The term mass refers to the amount of a substance in a given space, and is directly correlated to the density of that substance. For example, a container filled with a more dense material, like granite, has more mass than that same container filled with water. Because mass and density are directly related, there is also a direct relationship between density and gravity. An increase in density results in an increase in mass, and an increase in mass results in an increase in the gravitational force exerted by an object. Density fluctuations on the surface of the Earth and in the underlying mantle are thus reflected invariations in the gravity field.As the twin GRACE satellites orbit the Earth together, these gravity field variations cause infinitesimal changes in the distance between the two. These changes will be measured with unprecedented accuracy by the instruments aboard GRACE leading to a more precise rendering of the gravitational field than has ever been possible to date.

In looking up the word "in variation" you won't have much luck, but in context of the sentence, it forces you to look back towards the center, from the surface. I think this is right?

Quite early in the developing aspects of my research, I was drawn to statement of the above in regards to mass/density, which could have represented to me the vibration inherent, as sound, in how we would determine this mass? Was it unreasonable to look at what nature had bestowed upon us and wonder, that if such sounding processes within the mantle would have allowed us to determine where the structural integrity of the planet would have sufficed in taking accountability of proper building perspectives.

Clementine color ratio composite image of Aristarchus Crater on the Moon. This 42 km diameter crater is located on the corner of the Aristarchus plateau, at 24 N, 47 W. Ejecta from the plateau is visible as the blue material at the upper left (northwest), while material excavated from the Oceanus Procellarum area is the reddish color to the lower right (southeast). The colors in this image can be used to ascertain compositional properties of the materials making up the deep strata of these two regions. (Clementine, USGS slide 11)

Preparing the mind for information about gravitational fields were extremely important to me because if gravity discernment in terms of the planets density fluctuations were evident from mass/ density consideration, then how would we be certain that such information emitted from events, which shake the space time fabric would not have sounded for us a response distinctive about it's particle identification. Was there some layering aspect designed within gravitational consideration that would have said the density of the material would have been found, a center first must be of iron?

As one of the fields which obey the general inverse square law, the gravity field can be put in the form shown above, showing that the acceleration of gravity, g, is an expression of the intensity of the gravity field.

So in the ideal centricity of elements such gravitational consideration would have aligned the material in a appropriate expression from the densest of matter distinctions to the very light, would have made it seem, that such resonances based in sound would say, that because it is dense here at the iron core, the sound value would be very distinctive from the vibrational freedom at the surface?

Density measure(comparative to other things) of sound, would be nice. Which leads me to the ideals of Webber and his aluminum bars.

Radar echos from Titan's surface

This recording was produced by converting into audible sounds some of the radar echoes received by Huygens during the last few kilometres of its descent onto Titan. As the probe approaches the ground, both the pitch and intensity increase. Scientists will use intensity of the echoes to speculate about the nature of the surface.

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