Sunday, January 30, 2005

Civilizations Within the Cosmo

In the recent article ‘Conflict between anthropic reasoning and observation’ (gr-qc/0303070) Ken D. Olum, using some inflation-based ideas and the anthropic premise that we should be typical among all intelligent observers in the Universe, arrives at the puzzling conclusion that ‘we should find ourselves in a large civilization (of galactic size) where most observers should be, while in fact we do not’. In this note we discuss the intriguing possibility whether we could be in fact immersed in a large civilization without being aware of it. Our conclusion is that this possibility cannot be ruled out provided two conditions are met, that we call the Subanthropic Principle and the Undetectability Conjecture. The Subanthropic Principle states that we are not typical among the intelligent observers from the Universe. Typical civilizations of typical galaxies would be hundreds of thousands, or millions, of years more evolved than ours and, consequently, typical intelligent observers would be orders of magnitude more intelligent than us. The Undetectability Conjecture states that, generically, all advanced civilizations camouflage their planets for security reasons, so that no signal of civilization can be detected by external observers, who would only obtain distorted data for disuasion purposes. These conditions predict also a low probability of success for the SETI project. We also argue that it is brane worlds, and not inflation, what dramatically could aggravate the ‘missing-alien’ problem pointed out first in the fifties by Enrico Fermi. August 2003

I know some people have to contend with the racial slurs of Martian ancestory, but really:)We are not alone?

In such a delightful mood, what has string theory spawned of itself? IMagine, the mathematics that could arise?

So lets say we are in the moment.:)Lets say, that the very existance of the dimenisonal attributes from our early universe arises from the planck epoch to now, are right here as of this moment. This would mean, that time, as measured, would speak to this dimensional significance, and would reveal that the minds capabilities are far removed from such emotive sufferings of a emotive being from Mars. The intellect is a finer color of yellow:)

String Theory, Universal Mind, and the Paranormal *

Brian D. Josephson
Department of Physics, University of Cambridge

A model consistent with string theory is proposed for so-called paranormal phenomena such as extra-sensory perception (ESP). Our mathematical skills are assumed to derive from a special ‘mental vacuum state’, whose origin is explained on the basis of anthropic and biological arguments, taking into account the need for the informational processes associated with such a state to be of a life-supporting character. ESP is then explained in terms of shared ‘thought bubbles’ generated by the participants out of the mental vacuum state. The paper concludes with a critique of arguments sometimes made claiming to ‘rule out’ the possible existence of paranormal phenomena.

So do you See how the math of this geometry/topology must arise?

So you thought backtracking and th eissues therein were finished?. Well I could help but find that those who were disseting about Josephson, were also complaining about the same thing? You just can't win.


  • ArchveFreedom

    1. Scientist believe quarks to exist because they satisfy a mathmatical model, yet no free quarks can be observed.

      Most scientist do not believe that aliens have visited earth as a UFO phenomena. Yet we see eyewitness accounts, photographs, film clips, medieval paintings, alien abductions, foo fighters, and an almost endless list of other UFO or alien prescence phenomena. Why do we not see this galactic community revealed?

      In the vastness of space, punctuated by tremendous energy sources that mask small energies, it would be easy for a galactic community to remain hidden with minimal effort.

      We find ourselves poked, prodded, examined, and possibly manipulated, by a galactic community that does not consider us their equals.

      If it is a matter of intelligence the the answer may be shortly at hand. Consider that as the course of evolution, intelligence evolves naturally, until a race develops the technology to manipulate their own evolution. We now stand on that brink.

      We must also consider that a social judgement may be at work. All of our wars arise from a population that is too large for some available resource be it water, oil, land, food, or some other resource that we fight over.

      Who wants a neighbor who allows his dogs to breed unchecked. When their population becomes too dense they fight, with the dominent dogs claming available territory. The losers must claim new territories to overrun. We become knee deep in our neighbors dogs.

      Perhaps God in his wisdom imposed a self measuring yardstick of worthiness. Consider that space is so vast that a race must control its population, and use its resources wisely, working together to reach other stars. A race unable to control its population, compeating theologies, and resources, is likly to self destruct before reaching neighboring stars.

      Wisdom comes to those who learn self control. Those who do not learn wisdom perish. Do we grow into a future cosmos or become a forgotten footnote of history?

    2. You don't invite a barbarian to dinner. Perhaps an invitation may yet be received if the barbarians learn table manners and engage in witty conversation?