Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Abstract World

Sometimes you have to wonder about the "ole' art," that could have captured the mind and allowed it to see beyond to the world of abtractions we can live in. What purposes do they serve?

Melencolia II
[frontispiece of thesis, after Dürer 1514]

If you learn to percieve the world in different ways, you learn to understand the landscape, and by model of comprehension, the level of abstraction takes you to consider other possible views?

If you did not engage them, how could you have really gone beyond anything that you know for a fact?:)

The depth's of perception are greatly enhanced when you link to the sources of comment. What one offers for a view of the landscape I can quickly show I ha dbeen thinking of these things as well at a earlier time. Follow the yellow(picture links) brick road:)

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