Sunday, December 05, 2004

Quantum Harmonic Oscillators

If the basis of this thinking has not emerged out of GR then what value could we have assigned zero point vibration? If the scalable features of GR could not have followed some geometrical thinking, then the world that we move too, in non-euclidean views, could have never revealled hyperdimensional thinking. Which needs a quantum mechanical thinking to emerge as well?

In the late 1950s, Weber became intrigued by the relationship between gravitational theory and laboratory experiments. His book, General Relativity and Gravitational Radiation, was published in 1961, and his paper describing how to build a gravitational wave detector first appeared in 1969. Weber's first detector consisted of a freely suspended aluminium cylinder weighing a few tonnes. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Weber announced that he had recorded simultaneous oscillations in detectors 1000 km apart, waves he believed originated from an astrophysical event. Many physicists were sceptical about the results, but these early experiments initiated research into gravitational waves that is still ongoing. Current gravitational wave experiments, such as the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) and Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), are descendants of Weber's original work.

Geons, Blackholes & Quantum Foam, by John Archibald Wheeler, with Kenneth Ford, page 236, para 2.
This hypothetical entity, a gravitating body made up entirely of electromagnetic fields. I call geon(g for the gravity, e for electromagnetism," and on as the word root for"particle"). There is no evidence for geons in nature and later was able to show that they are unstable-they would quickly self-destruct if they were ever to form. Nevertheless it is tempting to think that nature has a way of exercising all the possibilties open to it. Perhaps geons had a transitory exitance early in history of the universe. Perhaps(as some students and I speculate much more recently), they provide an intermediate stage in the creation of the balckholes

Drawing by Glen Edwards, Utah State University, Logan, UT

If such thinking of the spacetime would have been moved from macroscopic thinking, how would we have ascertained the continued developement of GR from this as an microscopic view?

Without some way in which to look at the developing nature of GR, how would we not have not of considered the nature of these gravitational events in the cosmo? If we coud not scale the nature of the measure, between two points, what value would there ever be in considering the strength of the gravitational fields?

Gravitational waves can be viewed as ripples of the space-time. They occur in two fundamental states of polarization, usually known as 'cross' and 'plus'. The effect on matter of the passage of gravitational radiation is a squeezing and stretching, depending on the phase of the wave. For instance the effect on a ring of test masses is shown in fig. 1, in the reference frame that is in free fall with the center of mass. The upper raw refers to the plus polarization while the second to the cross polarization; the ring is deformed by the wave and the effect is shown at different phases

As we look back in time, here it is easy to see having understood this developement of gravitational wave detection that the principals underlying the developing thoughts came from Webber's expansive contractive, features of all things? It would manifest through all things and Kip Thorne deducing this understanding, was lead to consider LIGO as a important fucntion of discerningthese grviaational waves. INstead of Webber's way of thinking he developed another way in which to percieve this energy being deciminated in the bulk of our imaginations.

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