Monday, December 20, 2004

Hodge Conjecture

Interplay between geometry and topology.

One of the things that I am having difficulty with is if I understood the idea of a cosmic string. The understanding would have to imply that the higher dimensions would reveal themselves within the spacetime curvatures of gravity. So I have been looking to understand how the quantum mechanical nature could have ever reduced itself from those higher dimensions in string theory, and revealed themselves within the context of the cosmos that we know works very well with Gravity.

Part of my attempts at comprehending the abtractness with which this geometry evolved, was raised diffrent times within this blog as to whether or not there was a royal road to geometry?

Throughout, I have shown the processes with which a smooth topological feature would have endowed movements like the donut into the coffee cup and wondered, about this idea of Genus figures and how they to become part of the fixtures of the terrain with which mathematicians like to enjoy themselves over coffee?:)

How would this information in regards to the strings, become a viable subject with regards to non-euclidean realms, to have understood where GR had taken us and where QM had difficult combining with GR(gravity).

Large extra dimensions are an exciting new development … They would imply that we live in a brane world, a four-dimensional surface or brane in a higher dimensional spacetime. Matter and nongravitational forces like the electric force would be confined to the brane … On the other hand, gravity in the form of curved space would permeate the whole bulk of the higher dimensional spacetime …. Because gravity would spread out in the extra dimensions, it would fall off more rapidly with distance than one would expect … If this more rapid falloff of the gravitational force extended to astronomical distances, we would have noticed its effect on the orbits of the planets … they would be unstable… However, this would not happen if the extra dimensions ended on another brane not that far away from the brane on which we live. Then for distances greater than the separation of the branes, gravity would not be able to spread out freely but would be confined to the brane, like the electrical forces, and fall off at the right rate for planetary orbits.
Stephen Hawking, Chapter seven

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