Monday, December 13, 2004

Curvature Parameters

How does get this intuitive feeling embedded within thinking if it has not grokked the significance on a cosmological scale?

When one first begins to comprehend the intuitive possibilities the universe can move through, I was was struck, by the coordination of how we could see in terms of non-euclidean prospectives, and find correlation, with what was happening on a cosmological scale.

AS I looked at the the Friedmann Equation the connection to this dynamical movement in the cosmos, revealed itself, when you accepted the move to Reimannian understanding?

It was important that the connections and links to teachers be recognized. For what Gauss himself imparted, was also demonstrated in the work of Einstein, to bring Gaussian curvature along into the dynamical world gravity would reveal of itself when Einstein was completed.

But the Euclidean model stops working when gravity becomes strong

Once it came to understanding the metric and the distance function, between two points a new world was revealed. It became very interesting to see how non-euclidean was lead too, and how the work of GR blended together in a new perspective about the reality we live in. It no longer made sense to think of that space between those two points other then in the mathematical ideas of NCG.

Virtual interactions make the electron charge depend on the distance scale at which is it measured.

How would not derive some sense of this fluctuation if we did not understand the dynamical nature that has been revealed to us? On large scales it seems so easy, while in these micro states, it's all spread out and fuzzy. So at planck length, how would we describe the motions we understand of the spacetime fabric if we change the quantum mechanical description of it?

dS2=c2 dT2-dX2

The amount of dark matter and energy in the universe plays a crucial role in determining the geometry of space. If the density of matter and energy in the universe is less than the critical density, then space is open and negatively curved like the surface of a saddle

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