Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Compton and Graviton Scatterings?

Sometimes it is very difficult to express what you want to say when you have so much information in your head. That you know it has to be expressed most carefully in order for one to get the jest of what is being implied when making statements. It is indeed a struggle for me to be clear in this regard, but hopefully, recogizing the requirements of the physicist and the theoretician, that such scholar attributes can be waivered for the commoner?

Compton scattering detector

Compton scattering happens when a photon interacts with an electron - the photon leaves the interaction with a lower energy and the electron has a higher energy. The energies of the outgoing photon and electron along with the angle at which these two leave the interaction allow determination of the energy and direction of the original photon.

What the heck is a Graviton

1. A quantizied gravitational wave...........
2. They travel at the speed of light
3. They have never been experimentally proven to exist.
4. They have been theoretically proven?
5. They permeate all dimensions.

Particle Physics Probes Of Extra Spacetime

The exact expression may be found in (15,17). It is important to note that due to integrating over the effective density of states, the radiated graviton appears to have a continuous mass distribution; this corresponds to the probability of emitting gravitons with different extra dimensional momenta. The observables for graviton production, such as the γ/Z angular and energy distributions in e+e− collisions

Visiting Scientist Sends Physics World Spinning

This summer, Afshar, Flores and Knoesel are conducting follow-up experiments in Rowan's state-of-the-art Science Hall to determine whether they can validate Afshar’s initial findings for single photons. In the experiment at Rowan, the team is using a single photon source instead of a beam. Some critics have pointed out that the results of the experiment with a laser beam could be explained in terms of classical physics. Thus, the use of single particles is critical and would be able to finally determine the validity of Afshar’s claims.

If the next round of experiments does support Afshar’s findings, this can mean a whole new way of looking at quantum theory among physicists, who have long-accepted the opinion of Einstein's rival on the subject, Danish scientist Niels Bohr. And that can have meaning for the lay community as well.

Flores noted, "It is likely that the interpretation problems of quantum mechanics are a hint that there is something new to learn about our physical world. There might be either a new force or a new physical property to be discovered. The problems of quantum mechanics will not be resolved unless they are exposed and studied. Thus, doing this experiment at Rowan is an exciting prospect."

The ideas presenting the way in whch we have percieved the quantum mechanical spacetime fabric, I am asking, that if applied to string considerations we have indeedd changed the language attributes of the same field that is understood in Compton scattering?

Dying to Know, by Max Tegmark

Three quarks indicated by red, green and blue spheres (lower left) are localized by the gluon field.

A quark-antiquark pair created from the gluon field is illustrated by the green-antigreen (magenta) quark pair on the right. These quark pairs give rise to a meson cloud around the proton.

The masses of the quarks illustrated in this diagram account for only 3% of the proton mass. The gluon field is responsible for the remaining 97% of the proton's mass and is the origin of mass in most everything around us.

Experimentalists probe the structure of the proton by scattering electrons (white line) off quarks which interact by exchanging a quantum of light (wavy line) known as a photon.

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