Thursday, January 03, 2013

Eric Giler demos wireless electricity

Early visions of wireless power actually were thought of by Nikola Tesla basically about 100 years ago. The thought that you wouldn't want to transfer electric power wirelessly, no one ever thought of that. They thought, "Who would use it if you didn't?" And so, in fact, he actually set about doing a variety of things. Built the Tesla coil. This tower was built on Long Island back at the beginning of the 1900s. And the idea was, it was supposed to be able to transfer power anywhere on Earth. We'll never know if this stuff worked. Actually, I think the Federal Bureau of Investigation took it down for security purposes, sometime in the early 1900s.See:


RBM said...

Necessity is the mother of invention ?

Having been a long time fan of Tesla's work I was already familiar with the theoretical tech. My USAF training as a radar tech had taught me the relationship between electric fields and magnetic fields.

Just recently I read a piece at The Oil Drum about some city buses that are (being ?) built on this principle.

My guess is this sort of innovation will continue as the price of fossil fuel continues to climb.

PlatoHagel said...

If thinking about Teslas's generators and the oscillators being paired to cars, it can be thought to improve the need for having to restrict it to distance by how much charge is currently left in the batteries of those electric cars. Placing an oscillator in the car, will not require it to run off batteries when it is in within range of these Tesla generators. See?

They are already demonstrating cars pulling into parking spots where oscillator is in the ground, and the oscillator in the car serves to charge the batteries without the need for the electric car to be plugged in.

RBM said...

Sure. Totally feasible - at a cost.

That cost includes monetary elements, but it is not wholly contained to that. There are lots and lots of follow-on effects. Some of those effects puts one in conflict with high entropy consciousness' that also wield PMR power.