Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bon Iver - Holocene (Official Music Video)

My misses watched them on Saturday Night Live last night so I thought it worth the peek since she knows well my taste in music. You must admit the video is done well in concert with this music. It sort of raises the mystery of youth for most young men as they explore. Wonder about things around them as I do.

At 4:36 of the video the young boy standing on the mound sort of raises a spectral feeling of the history for me. It's as if  one were to meld into this existence of "no barriers to our remembrance,"  might we see all the visual images of that history as far back as our humanity goes? This is a strange feeling for me and the music helps to nurture this creative thinking of "all time some how encapsulate in every moment." I guess the hill and this boy at that time represents this for me. The music for me aids in this exploration.