Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Latex rendering update

Using equation on this blog asks that you put $ sign at the beginning and $sign at the end to substitute in bracket [ ]-tex and / tex

Here is the site language that will help blog developers with their latex language and give them an alternative from having to shift over to word press.


$\odot$ $\oplus$ $\pi$ $\omega$

$\LARGE U=\frac{-GMm}r=\frac{-GMh}{rc^2}{vo}$

$\large hv=hv_o[{1-}\frac{GM}{rc^2}] \hspace9 v=v_o[{1-}\frac{GM}{rc^2}] \hspace9 \frac{\bigtriangledown v} {v_o}={-}\frac{GM}{rc^2}$


Click on Image for a larger size

Click on Image for a larger size

Click on Image for a larger size


See:Help:Latex Symbols-Mathematics


Plato said...

Testing comment section

$\LARGE U=\frac{-GMm}r=\frac{-GMh}{rc^2}{vo}$

watchmath said...

For a post with lots of math symbols you probably need to remove the border on the image by fiddling around with the css.

Plato said...

Hi Watchmath,

Thanks for taking the time.

Under a blog format what would I look for? I posted it under the script you had given so I am not sure how this is translated through to the blog format? Any pointers or ideas here?


Leon said...


Napoleon said...

Thanks for the post, I was searching for the \mathcal{X} symbol's command for a long time.