Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wildlife at Home

Yes you may of noticed the date is wrong again on the camera. Every time we take the batteries out for charging, we loose that date. It dawned on me at this moment and wondered if there is another internal battery that retains the time, maybe, dead too? I'll have to look.

Anyway this fellow has been sticking around the last couple of days.

When we first looked at this lot about a year an done month ago today, I noticed a lot of markings that looked like claw marks, were in fact bull moose who rub their racks on the trees and leave these marks.

You'll also notice my work table I set up to do the final work on the outside of the house. I was installing a product called Nailite We did a board and batten around the rest of the house. I am really quite pleased tackling this job for the first time.

I just finished about two days ago, and have been working like heck to finish the jobs around here, while preparing for a trip into the states. My wife, myself with three of our older grandchildren are going for a trip to Disney Land.

We had our youngest granddaughter yesterday(she's sure a sweety) for the night, as my youngest son and his wife are due for twins which will be here not to long after we get back from our trip. She needs the bed rest and she is huge, and my boy is getting run ragged. So we have been extremely busy getting things in order.

The pillars in front of the house will be done when I get back and the backdrop to the front door will have a colonial look which we are trying to keep to a cottage look.

The aggregate walkways around the house were done at the end of May. We are please with how this has turned out. Unfortunately, the snow came before we had a chance to pour them last November, after having readied the forms, and compacted the crush.