Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A New Search Paradigm?

The collapsing star scenario that is one of the leading contenders as the cause of gamma-ray bursts. Dr. Stan Woosley of the University of California at Santa Cruz proposed the collapsar theory in 1993. This artist's concept of the collapsar model shows the center of a dying star collapsing minutes before the star implodes and emits a gamma-ray burst that is seen across the universe. Credit: NASA/Dana Berry

If one knew the process of such developements, it is equally important that such information would have been "beamed in a way" that some of us might have wondered, why such a sparkle had caught the eye? ON a snowy day at the olympics perhaps? Hey Paul?

Nima and Lubos speak of one Olympics while we had referred to it in another way. Are you not interested to see what years gone by, might have raised, from all those perspectives on the Bose Nova?

Advancement of internet capabilities are very important, that if one linked the picture to a source, the truth of "the source" becomes known. Much as trackbacks, of certain papers are held relevant. While the blogs linked, non creditialed or not because someone said, you are not a "active researcher", hey Peter?. You know why Christine's site is important in regards to "this topic" linked with the paper present?

That you are not included, does not reduce the importance that the paper plays in itself. Linked or not linked, how relevant I might be, had a perspective, or you had a perspective long before the ideas of the new Paradigm existed. It was in the ideas of measure that the universe culd have ever been held in the eye of microscopic processes. That we have realized that the same "collidial events" would enlist particle shower information in beta decay, from that geometrical collapse?

This view had to be part and parcel of the understanding of the way in which gravitational collapse would have released it's information? What geometry revealled by the nature of the collapse before the dyng star "boundry" closed to a very small point of consideration, held in regards to the superfluid created?

Ah, that's new isn't it?

A New Search Paradigm for Correlated Neutrino Emission from Discrete GRBs using Antarctic Cherenkov Telescopes in the Swift EraMichael Stamatikos for the IceCube Collaboration and David L. Band

Abstract. We describe the theoretical modeling and analysis techniques associated with a preliminary search for correlated neutrino emission from GRB980703a, which triggered the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE GRB trigger 6891), using archived data from the Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array (AMANDA-B10). Under the assumption of associated hadronic acceleration, the expected observed neutrino energy flux is directly derived, based upon confronting the fireball phenomenology with the discrete set of observed electromagnetic parameters of GRB980703a, gleaned from ground-based and satellite observations, for four models, corrected for oscillations. Models 1 and 2, based upon spectral analysis featuring a prompt photon energy fit to the Band function, utilize an observed spectroscopic redshift, for isotropic and anisotropic emission geometry, respectively. Model 3 is based upon averaged burst parameters, assuming isotropic emission. Model 4, based upon a Band fit, features an estimated redshift from the lag-luminosity relation with isotropic emission. Consistent with our AMANDA-II analysis of GRB030329, which resulted in a flux upper limit of ∼0.150GeV/cm2/s for model 1, we find differences in excess of an order of magnitude in the response of AMANDA-B10, among the variousmodels for GRB980703a. Implications for future searches in the era of Swift and IceCube are discussed

Very interesting picture below, and site linked on Picture.

It reminded me of Andrey Kravstov's computer images, and other information seen from early universe. Without some comprehension on the subject displayed in our universe from a earlier time, what purpose the view held of "a time" when everything was supersymmetrical? That what is held in the distance of microperspecive images of those created in the microstate blackhole creations, would not have enjoined cosmological happenings, by some analog nature, with that microperspective understanding?

Oh, I cry with you Peter, to be considered "Spambot," an IP, as some "register to comment statistic" only to have been thought less of, by some measure of what you might have been thought of? Don't let Jacque control who you are, by such structuralism, that you might not have "some creative realization" in all the work you have done, and knowledge gained.

Thus in that statement it is realized, that the developement of the internet will not stop good people from, venturing and learning what might raise them to better insight. That the progression, although wrong sometimes, might of bore fruit in knowledge gained along the way.

THis will not stop no matter how much structuralism by control of the internet would have been some idealized version of Jacque's view of the internet universe. He competes with the Stallman's view of growth and productivity, as we become students of the nature, of all that is being explained on this internet.


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