Thursday, February 09, 2006

Warm Dark Matter

Having a global perspective using the cyclical model, seem to open some of the ideas about the nature and geometry of this universe as mentioned in article below.

I have been watching since the earlier days of the jamming session on the train, where individuals who seem to get together, seem to produce this amazing idea in just a short span of time.

Reference to Aaron's article linked of Steinhardts

For most astronomical observations the simplest possible choice seems to give an adequate description: the dark matter is primarily made up of elementary particles which are long-lived, cold and collisionless and has been termed cold dark matter. The most direct way to see if this choice is correct is via earth based laboratory particle detectors and several experiments are underway.

Well what was troubling to me then, was that if you had a age to the universe, let's say 13.7 billion years, then while some like Lubos might refer to Andy Stromingers blackhole issue and living in it, I was somewhat puzzle in ascertions about this geometry and cyclcial nature, that such a idealization could exist in parts of our universe.

Andy's public lecture

Lubos Motl:
Andy answered many questions and some of them have been very frequent questions that follow many similar talks. What is a string made of (nothing else), is it made of matter (no, you would get an F), is it made of waves of space (no), was the Big Bang a black hole (if it were, we are still in it), what can string theory say about the origin of the Universe (not much so far), and so forth

What events in galaxy formation could be taken back to that beginning, yet the ideal state of affiars held to a flat space time considered and slowing expansive rates of expression? Show relationship to over all nature of this universe in action. Would it not conflict with arrow of time in it's expression, to know that such galaxy formations woud take us back to the birth of this universe?

What made this equally complicated was that no event in this cosmos, could be older then the 13.7 billions years, yet, we see in nucleosythesis processes, we can do this in our ascertion of of what happened in the first microseconds of this universe? It would mean, no event can be older than?

If you have a global persepctive on universe cyclical operations, then where are the places that take us to the origins of nucleosysthesis processes (Geometrical inclusion of our own universe)in all galaxy formations? Blackholes?:)

It would mean all comparative examples of such galaxies would then never be older then the age of the universe, and we run into trouble with the arrow of time?

Or, can any event that we take to the age of the universe, be a natural process?