Monday, February 06, 2006

My Attempt at Playwriting?

It's nice we have somebody to keep a tight reign on the transmissions of science in the media? :) I was thinking of those who collaborations are used when developing movie scenarios. "Brian Greene" playing himself on Frequency.

You played yourself--twice--in the movie, "Frequency". The movie is about a father communicating from 1969 with his son in the present on a ham radio, due to an unusual atmospheric aurora that bounces radio signals across time, not just space. You played Brian Greene being interviewed by Dick Cavett as both a younger and older man. Any reflections on either the interesting premise of the movie, or the adventures of being on the big screen?

I couldn't help think of

as an example of Humble Boy by Charlottle Jones?

In regards to "bumblebee wing rotations." This is my italicized bumbling attempt :( How a waiter with a tray could make a complete loop(bumblebees finding the quickest route while hovering or travelling), so how was it employed in this play(something about bee keeping, but not my version)?

Here's my attempt.

I'm Dressed up in a bumblebee suit waiting tables. While working I change my striped waiter vest completely inside out without it leaving my body? Qui Non!

As the science meme continues, the story unfolds:

Confused and lost in the abstract world, the waiter mistakenly puts on the suit not realizing he was not to take it so literal. The differentiation between the waking reality, and the one in which he was transported, was a psychological cover to mask the real events going on in his dream life.

Letting loose the masking and not retaining funtionability with his reality sense based recognitions, he slipped easily over the edge?

Alien transportation had occurred, and induced psychological dramas did not sway the determination of a mind that had venture into unfamiliar territory. The edge, was what was the limit of the people in the resturaunt, while the waiter, thought his actions normal. :)

In another scene Alien abductors, are left scratching their heads as to how model implants had been been foiled and taken so literal, when it was realized the waiter had already be abducted once before, and meme introduction had been superimposed over a previous attempt to included natural symbolic functions.

White Owl and the Bee clashed leaving the poor waiter in a state of actions less then correct while dawning hs suit.

On Humble Boy

I have not seen the play of Humble Boy, but the thought about plays was held in my thinking yesterday as Clifford talked about Nature.

So maybe that's the trick then? Read out loud/sound what you've written, brings dimensionality to the written word?:)

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