Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Xtra dimensions

In the Beginning.....

The field of cosmology has experienced an explosion of activity since the discovery of ripples in the energy of the primordial light of the big bang. Cosmology is the study of the origin, evolution, and fate of objects in the observable universe. These include galaxies like our Milky Way, a vast collection of stars spanning many thousands of light years. The key to the birth and evolution of such objects lies in the primordial ripples observed through light shining through from the early universe.

Having learnt from Wayne Hu and his CMB info study, it help me see where the hills and Valleys might have attained some recognition in how one landscape might have been seen in relation to Wayne Hu's.

Cosmologists actually run computer simulations to track how matter collects into valleys. For example, here is a simulation running forward in time which shows how particles collect and enhance small initially small wrinkles

Thank you Wayne Hu to opening the doors to the realizations that I had formed in the ideas of the supersymmetrical Universe. Little did you know that Andrey's picture would set the course for how I saw the Cosmic string arise from such a background.

Develope our views into the CSL Pictures here. I wanted to take this time to thank Lubos Motl for his continued efforts in this direction.

CSL-1 cosmic string gravitational lens and 2 more, with many views of the Capodimonte Deep Field OACDF2 with subtle background features, similar to recent Millennium Simulation of evolution of structure in our Universe. Identical stereo pairs are introduced.

So to then, if such a trail leads us to what that geometical propensity is, how so from such a tale of quantum gravity? It had to lead from something, so from the beginning.......? :)

Modification To GR

Sean Carroll:
Why three dimensions of space just aren't enough?

What does General Relativity say in terms of a simple word to describe it? "Gravity?"

“This is what’s happening all the time within us, we have these little lava lamps,” said Frank Wilczek in his Nobel lecture in 2004 when he showed this QCD animation created by Derek Leinweber. The animation illustrates the fluctuations of the quark and gluon fields over time, revealing a lumpy structure that Leinweber dubbed the QCD lava lamp.

So modifications to Gr bring perspective to lead us to other views in terms of xtra-dimensional analysis(degrees of freedom at a gluonic level)? Can I say this in regard to such things as xtra dimensional analysis?

Of course mine is a generalization spoken from the idea of what Eric Aldeberger might find, but this did not limit the scope of vision that would have moved us beyond the fifth postulate. Non euclidean geometries, were very hepful here and so too, hyperdimensional thinking?

Relativistic Jets: The Common Physics of AGN, Microquasars and Gamma-Ray Bursts

Reimann then thought there would come a time to see such thinking expressed beyond just the positive expressions in spherical relations? Jets, in relation, to Anti-matter creation? A whole new abstract way of thinking in the mathematical realms?

So what had radiation and CFT showed us from Bekenstein bound, as we peered into the inside of the blackhole construction? What geoemtries existed? Was there a emergent geometric principal. Of course, that is in question, and the degrees of freedom would spell the depths to what we were able to see? That did not stop us from talking about the substance of quantum Geometry as Greene explained to us.

What value did the temperatures play in our assessment of the internal dynamics of what would have happpened from a the grvaiational collapse generated and the radiation, that would hav been emitted. Acoustic radiation helps to a degree.

Thank you Smolin for such a responsible attitude of the science position of Glast, but it now has to induce new insight by adopting other theoretical positions?

Religious Convictions and Belief

I as a layman do operate from a biased position, and one that would have asked for a better respect of the scientific procedure, as Peter Woit and those of science would ask us as layman in our demonstrations.

Would I accept the responsibilty of Sean atheistic valuations, in our determinations of what we can be held accounatble as to the repercussions of our very actions. In our thoughts, that would ripple ever wider, as a consequence of our choices?

Yes I think deeply about these things, and they are far distant from the responsibilities of science, but I needed to show this, so it is understood that I accept that responsibility, even though I too might have had a belief about God and and our roles in choosing to evolve?

I quickly generalized Relativity above, and so too, did my journey to have been thinking about a simplification in general conceptualizations of those extra dimensions.

Was it wrong to do so in light of the need for sound thinking right now? I have to apologize for that too, as this is biased in my views from such a simplifcation.

There is a result in thinking about the measure of those extra dimensions, and what had been missing from the initial energy determinations calculated. Where is that missing energy?

Did such a simple logic not recognize that associated in this energy valuation, to reductionist principles, that this would be sent off into some other dimensional recognition of the values of that energy along side of modification to General relativity?

There had to be a consistancy lead from to incorporate such thinking to simplfications in general concepts and views I have about the psychological prospects of causes of our thought processes. To have ramifications beyond the border of our own brains. But this is just me right now. So I don't want to mislead anyone.

Further Speculations

Sometimes I can't but help think that we currently in a blackhole that driven to expansitory values and curent CMB temepratures made me think, that if we saw the expansion process as inhernet in this universe, then why is it not that we see we are in such a Blackhole? Is this wrong?

Then what value these Suns that still burn within this context, and such distance between the objects of space seen in a cosmological distance? More speculation that I send such thoughts of mine to the beginings of the universe and what interactive features sent this universe into it's expansion process? What stage are we atthen, to have been held at a certain process in the blackholes status, to have thought about the big crunch signal by the very initial response and distance of the schwarzchild radius that preceded this expansive view?

Inverse Square law, to explain the value of these determinations, as to what would exist on our horizon?

Forgive me as I lost myself in such thoughts.