Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Gravity For Instance Varies with Time

There was some reference made in regards to Lubos and the post Santos quoted from, Superstrings, a Theory of Everything? by P.C.W Davies and J. Brown. The idea of the quote about ole men and how things change, seemed to have been caught in perspective by Santos? That becuase I had this book handy, I went and looked to the reference page that he suggested of 193.

Well, one has to go over the post in question and find the link provided by Peter Woit to understand the context in which this quote is being used. To see that Lubos makes light of his own position, where holding dogmatic to a certain position might be as relevant to where ole men do not accept the new reality easily. It was a innocent enough comment that has certain connatations to it, that moved me through the article santos quotes and brought forth different information for consideration.

For instance before quoting Feynman myself, lets read what Gabriele Veneziano has to say.

String theory suggests that the big bang was not the origin of the universe but simply the outcome of a preexisting state

Now considering the publishing date on this book, "Superstrings, A Theory of Everything," which was 1988, you have to wonder about the progression and way in which we determine dimenisons. I have detailed it in the previous post entitled, "Spheres and their Generalizations in Higher Dimensions." If such a view was to remain consistent then the statement of Richard Feynman to follow, answers today, what he speculated then.

Now it's possible that those kinds of laws in physics may be incomplete. It might be that the laws change absolutely with time; that grvaity for instance varies with time and that this inverse square law has a strength which depends on how long it is since the beginning of time. In other words, it's possible that in the future we'll have more understanding of everything and physics may be completed by some kind of statement of how things started which are external tothe laws of physics.

Pg 206 and 207, of Superstrings, A Theory of Everything, by P.C.W.Davies and J. Brown

So you see, perspective changes because of theoretical positions, concepts form and new insights develope. Because of a personal interest of Feynman's, about his perception of the physics of approach, did you think at first he had a cohesive picture of the toy models he produced? Do you think Andrew Wiles would have ever solved the Fermat Equation?

Such context of the Poincare Conjecture, answers a question we have about how quantum grvaity portrays itself, by the ole soccer ball( my solid), or by how we see conceptual changes allow us to think about the higher dimensional values in regards to gravity? Of tying geometry and topological understandings together.

Do you think Feynman toy models haven't been included?

A Merry Christmas to Everyone, and a Happy New Year.